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02-10-2011, 12:04 AM
what's up ya'll.
just wanted to get some feedback on this track of mine.
its not a long track, just one verse. my production as well.
let me know what you think
any feed is appreciated.


The Lyrics:
Who else can make your mind twist, like a sci fi flick
at the same time, rhyme to ignite minds with
like flicks of a lighter on a dynamite stick
while it sits on your head, girl, you ride or die chick
you idolize kids, put the crown on the wrong king
and in return, you're in the ground with your offspring
talk things most cats would hesitate to speak on
a short lived career, what makes you think you be long?
should i keep on? or ease off slow
You ain't dope, you say quotes with a detox flow
a comparisons a waste, cause to me, ya'll jokes
Seen so many ups and downs, the see saw broke
A life with many turns, i'm blind, forget the verse
have to deal with the shit, i don't think i Ever earned
yet i'm cursed with a gift, as if this kinda skill
will reimburse what i lived, already worse than it is
the purpose to spit, these words aren't working a bit
Killing time, another crime that i'm sure to commit
Days wasted, my face displays the grimace
A 24 hour race, with no Way to finish
A pursuit for happiness, dreams that are fading with it
must be an unsafe religion, not much faith up in it
i paid a visit to the man i once used to be
noticed things he would say are untrue to me
To some, This life is a failure
but I'm here to tell ya, a bright Idea to help ya
Suffer through the same, with no Guidance at all
or remain small minded like microcephilia
- A couple songs to rebuttal all crews off
The ones who cant move on, get Cut like a coupon
Forget me? I run you all, Rudolph
i'ma Have to ring your bells faster than the Montreal screw-job
- The shit you're telling me now is elementary
eventually, i'll settle you down, my mental therapy
is said to be incredibly wild, don't ever mention me
The Deputy with Seventy rounds, on methamphetamines
I - prescribe doses of poems, but i wrote 'em
Fight spokenn, have your life stolen, bi-polar rhyme thrower
Time closer, I am the one
You're the victim that your well behaved society is hiding me from
Saliva can harm ur type o' shield
scar the giant still
my dream catcher is made of spider silk
Time to build a foundation for this catastrophic man
non patriotic chants, i'm made of honor...Damn
it's getting dark as fuck in this Room i'm locked in
inconsiderates and illiterates need to View my Doctrine
if not...decapitating if they Refuse my Option
oh my...look at who the clear blue skies dropped in

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I dug this man, some good lyrics delivered strongly on nicely layered beat props

02-10-2011, 01:08 PM
thanks man. appreciate the fb.