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03-07-2011, 12:22 PM
Watch as the Magma sparks a whole forest ablaze
through one gaze the enlighten, hath smittened the shame
we fizzled the wick on the candle, luminous mantles
mentals were illustrated with illustrious material
mesmorized masses memorized imperial slogans
everyones a hero but they try to hulk hogan
fragile minds become broken, we come forth
awoken, listen to individuals atonements
cloned covenants are broken, shadows of omens
opened pandora and omitted omega octaves
we live for the octane like it surges threw the veins
but its all in vain, shed a tear and it rains…

...the pain remains the cold rain feels sharp,
as it touches my flesh I feel it ripping me apart,
as my heart beats harder to warm my flesh,
im reminded that the cold is a shadow of death,
the creeps out of crypts with a sickle in hand,
touching as many innocent people it can…

…Counducting Ash Enemy Militant Evil Understand ? My Brains Shrouded Plan
Now Hiding The Pain Behind These Frames Depraed Brainwaves Derranged
I'm Pointing The Blame At Heroes Like Sylar My Art Seaps Through Frames
Like The Portrait Of Dorian Gray A Man Of Few Words That Fall After Delay
The First Move Is Made With The First Word I Say See Ya Sight Fade Away
When Your Face Hug The Shadow-Fist Of Cassius Clay I Personify Swiftness
Before It Begins It's Finnished Spill Blood On Blueprints Of Architect Mimics
Inscripted By The Entrusted You Blow In The Wind And Become Nothingness
Get Sent To The Essence To Forever Count The Grains Of Sand In The Desert....

…As the grains are measured time is feathered and painted into the dusk,
the strokes are wide as the paints applied what you see you can't always trust,
while the sun rises blinding the iris of the man that does not cusp,
the idea and intention of obsessed henchmen that objectify women with lust,
like the eye of the cyclops one dimensional mind-locked like metal oxidizes and rusts,
when left with out care with no one to repair as the elements steadily crush,
like stagnate thinking boxed in idealogy the catalyst of greed will fail us...

…Leaning On An Invisible Crutch I Depart With A Frail Touch And Turn To Dust
When It Became Too Much Left Side Smoking Like A Dragon Puff On A Dutch
I Ponder The Teachings Of How A Reaching Arm No Longer Recoils In Disgust
Words Lose Meaning When She Starts To Blush Still Got Faith In God's Trust....

…tainted games get played by the ways I slay emcees
got them tactical technical swords sharpen ya boards/
by how clone the game and rename it "Shame"
they ain't vital hydro lotto call me the terrorizer/
dead optimizer beat assassin so sick you ain't masking
check out how I lasting over 12 mins of raw material etheral/
cold clocking fold dropping prop doppelganger
soldiering through the weather dead header/
feather layer canvas paint opener watch me paint these walls
with more Libras than tigers I highlight cha hydras with hydro colored flows/
tombed in cases you ain't facing vases making imperial
now you asking if the Sheep isn't what he seems/
third person right cha verses dirt whiskers catch cha blisters
my catchers in the rye be how you don't see what's coming/
I am the district 9 before you got thru my defenses
I end cha sentences proctor you deal like Carmello…

…Artificial fellow's walk with metal and carry the weight,
unconditional love bellowed from fiends hittin the base,
precisely measured bags running they chase, wired face,
plundered with cake, envelopes with big faces given to jake,
hit'em in place moving slow turtle tendencies asphault and slate,
outlines and biological hazards all over the place,
liquor bottles and pissy bums asking for change,
its all the same no matter where you locate,
I, me, mine is the poisonous mindstate!...

…poison escapes my lips,
gone renegade, my voice scratches and lisps
fractioned by cataclysmic events,
my back may be bent but other bastards lack sense,
caught back to the audience, flask of piss to the wind
drafts drip, casks are sent to be decommissioned
speak wisdom and all listen,
father forgive us for being called by false scriptures....

... writers become riddlers, spin webs sinister
simple symptoms of foul systems synthesized
my soul burns fire from the heart magnified
by thoughts streamed through consciousness
hands clapped together
knees bent on the side of a cliff
lyrics aimed at the establishment,
hanging heads, monks silence,
the rest of the world runs on auto pilot…

…lavish fight cha Tarver my Antonio’s be Hopkins dropping like flies
got this fight in days like David vs. Goliath why isn't it just a pirate
my Caribbean isn't being its just seeing is believing/
been a ruler, a lord of chaos displaying odds, been a gymnast
been a ripper, been a spitter, been a flipper, been a player, been a pimp/
killing bars with full clips in panaramic views/
skip through the chapters after the laughter
came the tears, beers and jeers…

…we fear the afterlife known as the here-after,
spontaneous combustion from the gun clappers,
life in the iron sites stunned chapters,
shunned crafters radio friendly dumb rappers,
im here to awaken the meek born into slumber,
create critical thinking amongst the youngsters,
Sheep, Magma, Skelton, whers, and Bronze feet,
diabolically unique dialogue Godly when we speak...

…broad strokes sweep unwanted emcees to their knees
the ease is like a gentle breeze across the face
like staight razors displace a dying mans dead weight
cold face with a warriors grace, never stumble or lose pace
my crew got you diggin out of empty shipping crates
masters of our fates, eliminate the fakes, give us your faith
place all bets aside, this is dangerous emceeing
on the stage bleeding, still standing, bars never cedeing…

…we look for meaning, truth is what is lacking,
observe your check and check the taxes,
your income is wood and tax is hatchets,
its easy for the elite to attack and damage,
dictating how your money's precisely managed,
layed out like Liston on the canvas,
as a dark shadow is casted,
we look for a bottle, pill and powder sandwich,
to help ease the pain the hungry are famished,
lulled until were at ease with panic,
sick seasoned savage is how they planned it,
don't take your trials and tribulations for granted,
as global poverty corrupts moral fabric,
tamed until lame aspire to be average,
while some plot and pray sustain trying to manage,
like "Carlito's Way" as Benny Blanco exacts his reign,
assassinate those that right the wrongs they played,
the storm endures and the pain's delayed,
condensed with false pleasures compressed with pain,
I hope these lightening thoughts spark a flame,
to grow into an inferno inside the brain,
breaking the weak links that have us chained,
condensed with false pleasures compressed with pain,
like racist politicians with inflated positions,
scraping off the system a impoverished condition,
chasing after victims the children lost in this system,
condensed with false pleasures compressed with pain,
intent to cause families to fall in shame,
separate the family structure and pervert our name,
left with three options enslaved, caged or slain,
condensed with false pleasures compressed with pain,
intent to cause families to fall in shame,
separate the family structure and pervert our pain,
one of many ways they extort our pain,
creating reality television as sponsors pay,
being portrayed as animals for financial gains.




03-07-2011, 02:34 PM
damn this was a sharp compilation of the Section.

Who did what?

03-08-2011, 08:25 PM
read through again, much dopeness all around.

you can tell 5Kut, who is who by their style. Sheep ends his with a "/", whers puts caps at the start of every word, Magma is the light purple and mine is whats not yours lol

03-08-2011, 08:31 PM
hahaaha this was crazy everybody style seem to mesh mad well

Guarded By Martyrs
03-22-2011, 04:51 PM
I like how this is different from anything we've done before.

Bronze & MAGMA went off hahaha.

03-22-2011, 08:20 PM
still in a vein of it all it was dope none the less

03-24-2011, 09:38 AM
this is very good guys

03-25-2011, 11:32 AM
oh shit? where you been at J?

thanks for comin thru

Inspektah Meth-Tical
04-20-2011, 04:05 AM
damn Bronze, you've taken a step down since the last time. You've become the original white rapper on that emo shit damn son.