View Full Version : SoulBoxxing-SLS over a Clivaringz beat

03-27-2011, 03:08 AM
Thought Id throw up this old track, I wrote this shit like 11 years ago, recorded it 4 years ago


Struck frozen, caught dozen, struck golden
By the hand of ALLAH, I saw
Battle axes choppin thru disbelievers at the axis
there exits a man thought dead at the hands
of an evil unrepentent ghost, that cant be killed by toast
so leave it in your jacket, I conan the barbarian cats that cant hack it
splattered boddies fantastic, dead em like plastic
I bath in shallow pools of blood and never act spastic
the earth cries on my shoulder
she just wants us to love and hold her
dont treat her like a mere boulder, I think she's growing colder

I look deep withen to paint a picture
useing private scripture
Interpretations left to the individual
pivotal recolections of subliminal introspection
unique rhyme dissection
hard core fanatic, autopsy of my mental schematic
ocean depths appear shallow
next to phonic lethality of sonic vocal gallows
the servant of man
lead on journeys covering miles and miles of desert sand
time like the sand slips thru my hand
regrets of lost oppotunities, never established unities
polute this man

My voice tone alone
will crack ya clones
domes holmes
make em fall like rome
Im rending flesh from bone
caught up in blue cyclones and love peoms

hieroplyphics monuments of intestinal fortitude
deviating from the rightous path
but ending on the correct lattitude
sometimes offensive and rude
one the flipside divine gifts are brung
reluctantly smiling as heroic tales are sung
transending flesh bone race color and creed
is the ever resounding message that all should heed
so with god speed and knowledge breedin
the seed of the universe will break the curse
and let hate and fear disperse
I'll pluck your own fears from your mind
cause you to go blind
telepathicly transmit suggestions
cosmic land scapes dead see
busting out my flesh transforming to being comprised of pure
electricity is StrangeLoveSurreaL's destiny

My voice tone alone
will crack ya clones
domes holmes
make em fall like rome
Im rending flesh from bone
caught up in blue cyclones and love peoms

In a corrona squeeze lime
listen as the northern wind rushes thru the chimes
constructed from the bones of dead foes of mine
in these days of self reflection I leave the horror behind
and focus on reparing my battle scarred mind

03-28-2011, 11:22 AM
what Rinz beat is that? its dope

lyrics were good, but the flow and cadence was a little too choppy for me, a lot of stop and go type stuff but you gotta be hittin on those drums still, some was on point, some not so much. also gotta spit that shit from the gut, makes some of slur disappear, cause a few lines i didnt comprehend haha.

keep grindin fam

03-28-2011, 09:01 PM
I dont have a clue what the beat is called its from an old cd, same one that has the beats that Warcloud used for Smugglin Booze.

Thanks for the advise and feedback Bronze. I have to really make a consious effort to enunciate but some of it is just my country drawl. This is one of the first songs I ever recorded.