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03-27-2011, 05:23 PM
due to a topic brought up in

03-27-2011, 05:25 PM
due to a topic brought up in a battle thread about a said sample, it sparked the idea of this thread.

discuss what you look for in a sample, what processes you may go through and how you approach a sample (chops vs loops)

build on it.

Professor Poopsnagle
03-27-2011, 05:34 PM
What's to say... anything can be sampled. Hip hop producers tend to sample soul music and old jazz records. 70's rock seems to be upcoming too.

03-27-2011, 05:39 PM
according to that thread not everything can be sampled, nor should it be.

so there must be some desired attributes to a sample, some may have differing views about what those are.

Professor Poopsnagle
03-27-2011, 06:56 PM
Everything can be sampled. Even the sound of a baby laughing (Timbaland). What barely gets sampled though is drum heavy parts of songs(unless it's a drum break you need). Sure you can do it, but it's a lot harder to work with. I don't know any pros who do that, usually they take the intro to a song and loop or flip it.

Mumm Ra
03-27-2011, 07:16 PM
what he said
generally go for an instrument section w/o drums or very little drums

whether said portion sounds good to the listener/ producer is an infinite chance though

Mumm Ra
03-27-2011, 07:18 PM
im not very good at chopping yet though
more of a looper for the time being but im trying to change that

Professor Poopsnagle
03-27-2011, 07:27 PM
What you need to know is how the wave picture works, you know when you edit the sound and there's a thing with the spikes and shit, I don't know how you call it...


Anyway, that thing ^ I like to make slices at every spike and just play. Sometimes I even slice at the notes and play it note for note. I have a lot of unfinished projects like this laying around.

Just search for Jaisu on youtube, he's fucking nuts with samples and chops. It inspired me to get the ol' MPD out of the dustbin and start chopping.

03-27-2011, 07:28 PM
if u get in a battle then u should not be allowed to pick and choose a sample. Mess with whatever ppl put to ya. It's not even about who can make something that sounds like it came off the shelf. It's about who is really more creative as a producer. Battle culture is so different now, people don't want to hear the same 4/4 pattern & sample chops anymore. They want weirdo off the wall records that nobody would touch. I feel my only limits as a producer are created by myself. How do you know shit will not come out dope if u don't mess with it? There is more benefit sometimes in sampling things that are not commonly used cause you never know. It's all based on experience though and personal feelings. No wrong answers really since this is all a learning process.

As far as chopping goes...I do it by ear on the MPC 500 since there is no visual way to trim. Only by the numbers. Chop Shop sometimes on the 2500 and Recycle, Cubase or Audition for my MAC/PC.

03-29-2011, 11:12 PM
find a hot sample & fuck that shit up

nuff said

Professor Poopsnagle
03-30-2011, 10:41 AM
This is the guy I was talking about


That shit at 1:33 or so, serious business.

Professor Poopsnagle
03-30-2011, 10:45 AM
This sample he did note for note. That's fucking amazing.


03-30-2011, 12:36 PM
Jaisu is the shit....I started hearing alot his stuff a few years back when I discovered Louis Den.

Professor Poopsnagle
03-30-2011, 03:45 PM
He's gotten better and better, it's depressive he barely is making money of his shit while boring ass faggot loopers and synthcrap producers make heavy bills.

03-30-2011, 03:50 PM
This is the guy I was talking about


That shit at 1:33 or so, serious business.

3:10 is the nitty gritty , listen what he played on keys over that. :nonono:

Professor Poopsnagle
03-30-2011, 04:09 PM
He didn't add any keys, just a simple bassline. The bass on the song before that is fucking mental. I think the beat on 3:10 is kind of shitty though. 6:00 is hard as steel.