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04-02-2011, 10:53 PM
I continue my monthly series on upcoming artists by profiling True Lies, a rapper out of New Jersey who possesses all the skills of a well rounded MC


Hailing from Plainfield, New Jersey, True Lies is an MC who brings a high dose of lyricism to the game along with a truthfulness (check the name) that is backed with passion and consciousness. Not to be confused with a “conscious” rapper, True Lies spits words that really make you reflect, rewind, and listen to again as his wordplay and authenticity are two of his best qualities. On The Field Trip (http://www.sendspace.com/file/mfd2yt) he delivers a plate full of thoughts, on everything from women to hip hop, from his city to the world itself. His verses are both gripping as well as just straight up dope, with his ability to flow in all types of different ways as well as twist and tie in various different metaphors and scenery, you feel his words, and that is what sets him apart from other up and comers in the game right now.

Although the majority of The Field Trip (http://www.sendspace.com/file/mfd2yt) takes place over other rappers’ beats, what’s immediately noticeable is the quality of the beat selection. Every MC has freestyled over someone else’s shit, but it’s whether or not they pick a good beat that matters, and even more importantly if they are able to rock that beat or if it just makes the listener yearn to hear the original artist. True Lies not only selects production which perfectly complements his style, but he also goes in on every track, as if he knows he can’t slack on already legendary songs.

Right from the intro True Lies starts off by showcasing both an orthodox flow as well as his ability to spit fast, this diversity is part of what sets him apart from other rappers on the come up. Not every rapper can do it all, but True Lies already shows that he has a wide variety of abilities on the mic. Both “The If City” and “Plainfield State of Mind” are a brilliant introduction to his city over the classic Jay Electronica and Nas joints, with the former being a concept joint asking “what if” in various situations, showing how fate can sometimes take things in different directions. His rhymes over “Say It” find True Lies absolutely beasting the “Say You Will” Kanye joint with lines like “I’m the difference between a black cat and a panther, a hit and an anthem, Clarett and Barry Sanders”.

The best joint on the tape is also the most vulnerable as “Made For Me” tells a heartbreaking love story complete with an amazing hook from Shon Pace. But don’t let the sensitive side fool you as True Lies revisits a classic to give you his “Dreams” of “crushing a Plainfield chick”. “Story Be Told” provides three different well told narratives and True crushes the “Daytona 500” beat on some straight up raw rap shit. The other highlight is “Nightmares” in which True Lies goes off for 5 minutes just emptying out everything in his mind; it’s brutal honesty on caliber with what you might expect from a Joe Budden Mood Muzik tape. And the sample alone on “Love Goes” makes this one of the most brilliant songs on the whole tape.
With True Lies you get an honest MC who is still developing his craft but definitely has the confidence and ability to create quite the lane for himself in hip hop.

On The Field Trip (http://www.sendspace.com/file/mfd2yt) you get exactly that, a journey through the mind of True Lies and through his experiences in the world. This is the mixtape of everyman in 2011: questions, observations, thoughts and emotions. His flow is consistent and his bars are solid, and after hearing The Field Trip you’ll definitely be anticipating the next project from this New Jersey rapper.


TRACKS THAT SEAL THE DEAL: “Made For Me”, “Nightmares”, “Dumb Out”, “The If City”

Download The Field Trip (http://www.sendspace.com/file/mfd2yt)

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