View Full Version : irie 1/jonny details killin these tracks heres the 4th towards our album check it

Jonny Details
04-04-2011, 01:33 AM
this shits buttas


Jonny Details
04-04-2011, 02:00 AM
hers tha lyrics

sharp im steady markin the deadly heady art meddley far better then an army ready to
get mecheted bloody confetti all over the city when im treading in hot water no
swimmies u lil kiddys get drained down the levy in an unmarked chevy u fit the grid
theres no liberty in ur imagery ur religion is rickety rackety ridiculous blasphemy
5 %ers get calculated by what malcolm stated so now im agravated
u played urself by fakin contradictin ur debating regenerate ur changes or get
alienated like u racists that say im hating ur brain is that equaivalent to that of
an eight yr old face is yo or get fatal blows to ur frame like whoaa

i leave u seeing stars and tweety birds when i speak these words its really hard
to eat them first

my raw vision is real like autism knowing b4 i did it sorted lineage within it
nothing short of a born gifted lifted 4 dimensions reading the tarots preaching to
indians tha sort a savage that jam packs the catacombs with the madness palandromes
at it again to shatter bones of these animals yea they at the bottom of pyramid not
elohim shit talkin about the food chain and whos eating them buts funny in their own
brains they the heros that win 99 percent of the time but thats far from the truth

04-04-2011, 12:41 PM
super nice! this was probably my favorite beat I laced in the arena. that halloween tournament was off the hook and had a grip of dudes battling too. ah, the good ol' dayz!