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Cali Grown
04-23-2011, 02:43 PM
An art craft derived from that of Hip Hop because, of course, the DJ fathered this genre. Continuous, seamless blending & funky beat juggling with scratches that don't itch and cuts that don't bleed make for more amusement than a vocal track sometimes. I enjoy mixes of rap tracks but it's the mixing of ol' school break beats that really stirs my appreciation for this culture. Creative sampling is a plus as well, excerpts from songs, films & interviews.

I'm not sure how many people caught Malcolm & Martin's Movement Music mixtape which consists mostly of break beats from Soul to Funk mixed by DJ Revolution. This mixtape also features Stliztic Jones & KBimean flowing over several tracks. Rev also has a dope mix called Down Under but is rap records instead of breaks. Still he shows his talent with his scratching abilities. I've recently downloaded a mix by J Rocc of the Beat Junkies called Supreme Mix. It too is a great collection of good music but lacks much scratching.

Anyone have some recommendations of ill break beat sets or mixtapes.