View Full Version : Chaotic Theory (Pt. 2)

04-26-2011, 07:51 AM
Rolling dag-get master badges past averages
main dry hubris rhymes are astrologist programmable/
always featuring lyrical law when I go in raw
it's hard to compete with skills so unique and obtuse like a triangle/
babble babel you Kane’s that wasn't even able to save Abel when I pulled on cables
disconnect cha satellites watch the wrath I lay down when ever coming off the dome
or purely written in poems blow through omens with swords you can't even quote it/
dope rubbers quite giving me “virgin” writtens speak in visions reasons be seasons
cold as a bleeder I don't sweat nobody I speak on topic
and drop it like earthquakes in any land except for Japan/
twisted sleaze leave you degrees colder than hell
excel at accelerating against all contenders trying to suspend my license/
quit cha rambling you ain't even handling these darted domes
often quenches thirsts in verses you right so sick I infect the willing/
living walking dead demise denied now I reproach closed off campuses
lambasting those daring to test back the mantra monster anticipated as the next to rep/

Chaos rules it's only a theory to you
all the crap you do to prove
you just lose, chaos rules
Chaos rules....................
whether your new school
whether your old school

Come off the ledge suicide attempts ain't truthfully beautiful
if you quit, we can quit hedging bets edit your leaflets pamphlets
mastering bets depth perception is next/
connected through browsers that couldn't even defeat bowser
lose your temper burn notice quotients are too potent to focus/
rusted armor get cha heart pierced beastly minimalistic optimistic
timed tested water, extreme measures tether leather straps, whips and chains
sickly deranged marque mastering the art of the jibber jab like Charles Barkley/
its the side cipher mind lighter incredible line cipher hyped up rifling sun cycling
timed up sync leave you de mayo before the fifth my gifts are grifter gifts/
speak on lifts watch skis impale thee, come out the lodge gengis style
wild vile off the hook minds get snatched without bodies attached too e'm/
cloak and dagger badger haggler masterful acumen dissect those daring to test
back in the vest, back in the east, back in the stomah of the beast/
I got niggaz dividing faster three quarters of the molecules that make up the human genome
programmable flows get cha brains blown fast as power plants before a meltdown/

Chaos rules it's only a theory to you
all the crap you do to prove
you just lose, chaos rules
Chaos rules....................
whether your new school
whether your old school

04-26-2011, 10:13 AM
Last vs was pretty tight piece

04-26-2011, 02:41 PM
no doubt thanks

04-26-2011, 11:05 PM
Peep It yo

Fuck your thesis, rip you to pieces to spread out to the heathens, this beast is consuming your carcasse, cold & heartless combined with darkness, charge & rush an arsonist, spitting either on him to watch him combust, my arsonal renders your endeavors back to ashes & dust, aggressively ravish this language and such chaoticness with the obvious ominous cockeyness & the embodiment of godliness focus like mosses to lead the exodus, but instead its with the left hand of god, sinista scriptures are hard, hand written with vigor to deliver your soul to the metaphysical to give you an indepth visual of how I lift individual mentals with whatever I pencil, never speak in the make believe literally physically make your body shake & weave before the spirt leaves, lyrically the epitome of invinciblabilty, agility & speed, an assassin creed swords will clash indeed but no way in hell is your skills is matching me, I'll cause your catastrophe, slash & stab you leak, the most masterful puppet master slash you strings