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04-28-2011, 03:33 PM
An oldy but goody

Sometimes I dont give a fuck what its all about
could give a fuck what yall spout
I just wanna let my brain fall out

And get drunk smoke skunk cliche bore
cut open screen doors never make love to crack feind whores
that drink cum
the sum of the conundrum fun
like a lamp shade covering the sun
frozen candy canes peppermints and whistles
kinetic hand granades cluster bombs and misiles
bloody pieces of the star spangled banner in my cereal
the name on the front of the box is the loving mr. emperial
well meaning like a playfull venereal
disease, keys unlook things
sinister giggles are mocking whom
everyone thru decapitated robots in there living room
oh shit I hit that wall again boom
born impaled on a church steeple
trapped inside my parents christmas lights
scream the souls of original people
and thats realer than youll ever know
dont get it twisted
sometimes I get mad gifted when Im lifted
like a damn good christmas
works two ways dont miss this
I gota slay this devil pimp perrcy
but I still wont to slip in some and steal a purse see
mother fuck angels without mercy
complex man all he sees he takes
snake with teeth like iron stakes
this dude aint good for you he'll fuck up your head
like budges translations interpretations of the book of the dead
keeps your inner animals well feed and you dont want that
I dread hovels
dwelling in said lower levels

Sometimes I just want to let my brain fall out
I just want to let my brain fall out

dragon flurry fury attacks to blast Set back
ended up gettin my ass hacked to pieces ahh man
I got my shit scattered through out the land
as a pillar I stand
I was dead
But I still got an erection for the conception
of the son responsible for my ultimate ressurection
wrapped in mirriored perfection
thats no realazation yet so
merely metaphysical tool for meditation
I wish I been at that since the get go
then maybe I can transend the flesh of the ice men I dont know
but I still wanna make my soul glow tho
be as above so below
we talked innerspace biology
flow with the celestial waters of kemetic theology

04-30-2011, 09:53 PM
bump this then go read the metu neter

Killer Falcon
05-01-2011, 09:00 AM
whats up man, this a nice track, i'm liking your flow got a good variety of delivery

nice beat too


05-02-2011, 06:52 PM
thanks dude, yeah beat is dope Skarekrow got bangers till the end of existance, wish that the beat louder in the mix tho.