View Full Version : Ready to Rumble round 2

10-21-2005, 03:11 AM
Alright, we're still gettin the votes in for round 1 but I'm going to go head and lay out the groundwork for the next go-round. We're going to do blind post, were everyone will pm me the verse when they're through w/ it and then I will put them up in threads once I have recieved the verse from each opponent. Kingshyt since we're facing each other we will just have to come up with some way around this. Each just post the verses when they're done at the same time or find someone, maybe that we can agree on to hold onto the verses the same way I will for everyone elses. I'm working on getting seven official judges together. Only their votes will count, best of seven takes it. Good luck to everyone still in it.peace

imitation is suicide
11-15-2005, 01:42 PM
eric unseen, may i impose,
checkin out unanswered posts,
just to battle some more,
fell upon this golden chance to say,
that when you spray, you got that mental taste,
your shit puts em on blast,
from the one who laughs last, got the mc class,
off respectin the clash, of words that you heard,
then convert them to raps,
cretive mind inhanced by your review taps,
so do what you do, life is somethin that you go through,
now im dismantleing fakes, raising up the stakes,
started spittin diffferent ways,.................
.............just wanted to say thanks....