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remember theres more money in treatment then cure

Antineoplaston therapy was discovered by Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski and is being used by him to treat cancer, HIV infection, and autoimmune diseases. For over 20 years, Dr. Burzynski has been attacking cancer in humans, in over 3,000 patients.
Antineoplaston therapy is unlike the chemotherapy agents currently in use that kill cancerous cells and healthy cells. Antineoplastons work on cancer cells to interrupt the activity of the ras oncogene, which causes cells to divide endlessly. At the same time, antineoplastons stimulate p53 tumor suppressor genes, which tell the cells to undergo programmed cell death. Healthy cells remain unaffected under these processes.
Dr. Burzynski first discovered and named antineoplastons in the late 1960s. These drugs are safe and nontoxic, unlike traditional chemotherapeutic agents. Antineoplastons are comprised of compounds that occur naturally in the human body: amino acid derivatives and peptides from proteins and essential amino acids present in the diet of all biologic organisms. Antineoplastons are found in the blood of healthy persons and not in that of patients with cancer. Dr. Burzynski currently is using antineoplastons to treat cancer, HIV infection, and autoimmune diseases in 74 Phase II clinical trials.
The chemotherapeutic agents in common use today cannot manage cancer for two reasons. First, they destroy healthy cells; therefore, these drugs cannot be taken over long periods of time, as can antineoplastons. Second, no one chemotherapeutic drug can kill all the cancer cells. Just as there are antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, cancer cell types exist that are resistant to specific chemotherapeutic agents. When a chemotherapeutic agent leaves 10% of cancer cells remaining, there may be billions of cells that survive, say, 10 billion. A different chemotherapeutic agent may kill 90% of those cells, leaving behind one billion cells. Still another agent may destroy 90% of those cells, leaving 100 million cells. Of course, all the while, these cells are multiplying.
Because they reprogram cancer cells instead of killing them, antineoplastons do not stop working as do traditional chemotherapy agents. Therefore, antineoplastons are making cancer a manageable disease.

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