View Full Version : SLS-Spindle-Skarekrow beat

05-25-2011, 10:17 PM
Fragments of anatomy war paint
in every war fought all saints
blood pour trap door
we're all caught between a war
on some existance
air molecules fight against a birds fearther in flight movement resistance
skin cells struggle thru life
for repentance and penance
affliction jolly wallow swollow boils puss
Job didnt never allah cuss
even after many days of toil
the dark one was foiled
did he ever even exist at all
an inner deception program
the children should all love to read, you know man

soul conditionin good and evil positionin
forever war
when theres a death theres a birth
the revolveing door

Well once more to pour
time out like water over sand it expands before
its absorbed in demand of every law
in sea, tree, function man plant or land
bring it back please I just want to behold
a simple request mack jeez, the way the web unfold
shown but never told tounges hold
tight like firearms if you smart
shits gonna start to fall apart
o fair one, shine no more
shadow your core
its darkest before
the storm breaks the quakes
they shook like angry gods who takes
turn to unleash fury
it all broke sullenly like a tired hung jury
coconut curry bill murry
quirky till the last drop
sop up the slop and use a head for a mop

05-29-2011, 12:05 AM