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05-26-2011, 10:40 PM
bronze feet says
joint rolled

Jehovallah Daprophett says
mines halway burnt

bronze feet says
really high now

Jehovallah Daprophett says

bronze feet says
kick me a fat cipher
boom bap sniper
basement dwellaz rhyma
who he that man much higher
skampoe puerto rock messiah

Jehovallah Daprophett says
stab a cat in the eye with the flat head drivah,
equates to the potency of the salivah!

bronze feet says
o me o mya look into the skier
my dome piece is poisonous fire

Jehovallah Daprophett says
killing off the king via his poisonned attire
now his soul his higher

bronze feet says
pearly gate climba while we wait,
who gon shine more in a glass box 4 by 4

Jehovallah Daprophett says
his soul aint his no more,
eva sinse he felt the liquor seep outta his pore.

bronze feet says
sweaty bummy to the core,
for another bottle he snatch n dash all the while,
watched by a regular corporal pyle

Jehovallah Daprophett says
pile of shit stacked so high it musta took him a while,
sonic boom like strikes ehonda murkin off guile

bronze feet says
witha smile,
he walks out head high on shit like yo fuck record n crime file,
now he in denile eyes red bloodshot wild,
unknown was the swat team style

Jehovallah Daprophett says
we got cream piled,
on the door so they cant come in,
aint no runnin, we stay straped up for the fight,
raw cane makin me see the dawns early light.
dawns early light, ur turn to recite.

bronze feet says
recite the hollowed scriptures at sunrise,
with 4 bullets left i see 4 spys,
they die meet they demise from percise angles we aim straight so they greeted by angels,
21 shot salute and star spangles

Jehovallah Daprophett says
i dangle
my banner in a well uniformed manner,
im still a god evn if sun be moe tanner,
my werds stay funky like open toed jammer.

bronze feet says
my tongue stay colder then canada,
take an icicle and slam ya,
skampoe keep a knife in a banana,
the blade work like a fat man doin the samba,
i raise up swing with a hammer

Jehovallah Daprophett says
and for that the times cant be touched, every thing moves where no one discussed,
its ruffed
n rugged the man who lives now a days,
minus all of the gays n faggits with tight jeans n non-hetero shades.

bronze feet says
march on pussys with brigades,
lyrical hand grenades get tossed out the mouth,
i keep my fist tight around quarters from the couch,
oscar the grouch dont know what the sounds about

Jehovallah Daprophett says
all over the earth ma niggaz gon sprout,
n spread my werds like the Jesus i be,
barefoot when i walk along side of ma calvary,
it has to be,
for nine days or the prophesy wont be fullfilled,
thats the lesson instilled.

bronze feet says
prescribe n distill the diluted,
polluted music that they distributed,
not understandin the cultures union
and knowledge we pursuin they constantly abusin
n beheadin the movement of hip hops tribal communion

Jehovallah Daprophett says
no room for intrussion, mental confusion,
or a chance for the rage to be involed in the fusion,
of chemicals that plague the cerebral,
theres never no equal.

bronze feet says
fuck a sequel my rhymes are a prequel,
to every other verse over eons other emcees should be gone,
im an ion pulse they false zions

Jehovallah Daprophett says
the both addons,
that can be uninstalled at the push of a button,
gottem dip divin and duckin,
from the rhymes im up chuckin, im gon keep on truckin, HATERS? fukem!


bronze feet says
me too lol

Jehovallah Daprophett says
ahahah chea
im posting
gimme a thread title

05-26-2011, 10:46 PM
dopeness yall

05-26-2011, 10:47 PM
juwst re read it

very cool

05-26-2011, 10:54 PM
dopeness yall
peace lord

05-27-2011, 12:54 PM
ye this was dope, peace skampoe

05-27-2011, 01:09 PM
feeling this joint