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10-22-2005, 10:07 AM

Ok lemme explain to yall my friday night.

It's a normal friday, we outside chilling, puffing blunts, drinking, we was chilling with bitches but they winded up having to go home, so we was like ahhhhhh. So than my boy Ant is mad drunk, he runs up and he's like, yo lets go fuck with the foster bitches. Now this sounds wrong, it sounds really fucked up, but think about it, you a drunk teenager and some bitches left you hanging, you gonna want pussy bad. So we get there, we standing across the street, and cops roll up and tell us to move. We skated off, and smoked another blunt, than we came back to the dominoes across the street and my boy Ant skated off. When we came out of dominoes, we saw their lights back on, so they pop the top of the window open and throw a note out.

My boy Evan takes a slice and runs across the street, lol, he's standing in front of the house, eating a slice and reading the note. So he comes running back with this note, it's got lipstick on it and shit, and it's instructions on how to get them out. At the end it's like "If you break us out we'll show you how thankful we are ;)" I was like wow these girls is wiling. So like after an hour of arguing between me, evan, and my other boy edgar, me and evan decide to go up. Heres the deal...

We gotta go through the alleway of a real estate building to the back, than climb up the wooden ladder, once we on the roof, we gotta jump from that roof to the other roof (that's the bitch), than they hand us a screwdriver to take the bolts off the window, they bust out and show us how thankful they are ;).

So we get up there, and the roof is mad fucking high. These girls want us to do a spiderman leap of faith from one roof to the other. I'M SCARED OF HEIGHTS, I fell off a roof when I was like 15, I don't plan on doing it again, shit hurts. So me and Evan were arguing with eachother for literally an hour and 30 minutes on whose gonna jump, Evans like "Cmon you can do it champ, I have confidence in you, plus it's not even that far, just do it bro, I'll light you up to a 20 piece", I'm all like "IIGHT IMA DO IT" than I got the edge of the roof and I was like "FUCK THAT I AINT GOING". The girls in the window are making fun of us and shit, the one girls like, "Cmon yo my daughter can make that jump", My boy Evans like "Yo I don't wanna know that you got a daughter". So finally my boys about to make the jump, and the guy that runs the house wakes up and comes up stairs like "I HEARD A NOISE". So we layed flat till he left than we dipped off.

This shit was fuckin funny as hell though, shit was like, yo who the fuck else this happen to. It's like conquer your fears for pussy. IDK I guess that shit wasn't enough to get me to the other side of the roof.

10-22-2005, 11:41 AM
lmao, one time i wanted this girl to give me head, and she goes the only way shell give me it, is if i eat her out,so i go iight i will, then we go to her crib, and she gives me head and then i bust, so shes like iight now its your turn, and i ran out her house,lmao, and she runs after me and im like oooo shiit!! this chic really wants me to eat her out, but she was mad slow, and i ran off. everytime i see her,shes like ooo when you going to eat me out? and i be like sooon, but im never going to,lol.

10-22-2005, 12:28 PM
LOL werd up we don't return favors, spread the word.