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True Father Allah
06-06-2011, 12:52 PM
the newly released Static Shock Special by DC comics has a great tribute to Dwayne McDuffie inside it's pages and is really what makes the comic worth your $2.99. as the plot of the story is touching but ultimately not really memorable. In the tribute, McDuffie is seen in a comic shop along with the characters Static and Rocket, the following is how some of the dialog is presented...

Static: You know everyone loves you now. Your obituary got a quarter page in the time, more in the LA Times. They even ran something about your passing in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. No joke, I googled it. My point is....everybody loves you now, because you're no longer a threat. Folks who ignored and belittled your work in life are anoinitng you in death.

Rocket: It's like Dr. King

Static: I was going ro Philip K, Dick but the same principle applies. Just when the fans had figured out you were deep, too. I mean, the giant subway token in John Tower's trophy room? Too subtle? Wow

Rocket: Worst of all, people who despised you now get to tell your story. They'll add and subtract stuff to suit their purposes. Nothing we can do about it.

Static: That's just what happens to legends. You're one of us now.

Rocket: Yeah, welcome to Dakota
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06-06-2011, 01:23 PM
tight, he would've dug that