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praise the almitey W
06-07-2011, 12:40 AM
OK, here is the deal I have been browsing around WN site www.Stormfront.org and i have noticed a lot of them try to trace their lineage back and point out that they are 78 percent german and 22 percent nordic and such nonsense. So here is the deal we will infiltrate the site some of us being members or posting in the guest forums, some of us will be anonymous and others will pose as white nationalists, the objective is to post replies to threads or post threads that will involve having love for your nationality example would be "i'm proud to be russian and all Germans and anyone that is not russian is beneath me." Something like that and the goal is to get them to throw the site into a mass of chaos and get them to go against eachother. This is just trolling. Notice that you will have to mention the zionists and the fact that they are winning to catch their attention and state that they have already crossbreed with the different European nations to destroy their purity. Bottom line get them to argue. If anyone is willing to join Post username you are going to use, and invite anyone that wants to help. here is one i just finished

Says who, you? Your technically not white, the term white is just a word used to lump anyone and everyone who lacks melanine in their skin together, you obviously know about nationalism but you claim america, a place for all races and nationalities yours, back in the early 1900s Irish, German and Slavic immigrants faced discrimination from the people that were already living there and those people were of british descent.

Now if you want to be a nationalist fight with the others on the site about how you need to preserve the german race, or the Russian Race, or the French race, instead of the white race, besides if you look closely in any science textbook or history textbook regarding to man you will know that the humans are reffered to as homosapiens aka the human race discriminating against someone who is darker than you is ridiculous. There is no such thing as racism in a world like this unless there are aliens coming down here to enslave us all and put us down then you will be experiencing racism, because they will think of us as animals and degrade us until another faction from their race deems it to be an act of injustice and fights to free US, just like the abolishionists worked so hard to free the slaves.

In short don't fight for the white, fight for the country you represent most, not america of course but Germany, Serbia, or whichever nationality you favor the most, all these other white nationalists that have different opinions than you do are actually against you unless they represent the same nationality you do.The Zionists have already won by having you breed with other people of different nationalities, to be pure you must represent your true nation to the fullest but the Zionists have got you already by interbreeding with the fins, and the Czech, and the Serbs. They want to eliminate ALL Nations no matter black or white, you are no longer pure because of that. So I suggest that you represent your true nation, not America, not the white nation. No none of that represent the German nation or the Italian nation or which ever nation you know you most represent. Peace my friend.

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praise the almitey W
06-07-2011, 12:53 AM
true but i was at work while thinking about this