View Full Version : S&s strike again-tombstone prayer

06-09-2011, 01:34 PM

Ya niggaz is mad, my beard floats swift in the wind,
Like them japanese cats who blend in
the yang to the yin,
Nigga, this the song that I sing,
My verses were born out of sin,
Ma flows outta the water like da curved part of the fin,
I'm ready to win,
If you not,
don't even bother with that wak shit you bring in,
I spit darts from ur knee to ur ankle with out ever touchin the shin,
Ma style is fat some say I'm cuttin it thin,
My culture was lost, I found it and threw it up into the bin,
I pound my fist on the earth,
Until then my arm rest in a sling,
This a sequel to the prequel that's about to begin,
B4 the reaper took part in the grim,
when he, like me,
was just a seeker of light when all seemed to be dim...

i'm on my grizzy like the bear waitng for fishes to swim
upstream hunger pains dizzy but i bear it and grin
like seeing crucifixes on promiscuous bitches
acting all proper and prim
tryna hide from her kin that she ride dick like a shwinn
i commune with jinn release the evil twin within
crumbling commandments like the walls of berlin
the mind is the nine the mouths the firing pin
getting under your skin with lines as il as jong kim
i'm weaving violent hymn between the strings of violins
combine the elements into a potent mickey finn
skampoe damaging your limbs while i shattering yo chin
leave you walkin with a limp similar to tiny tim
stylemaster goin in while you bouncin off the rim
connecticut to maryland we be running shit
like the bull from merrill lynch

way better quality than utubes