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06-10-2011, 05:06 AM
ATTENTION: Want Your Music Played on an IPHONE GAME ? Its Free Just Sign Up at http://myhiphopbox.com and Submit your Tracks for Free. Gain new fans and Get Discovered.



Real Bands. No Artificial Ingredients.

GroovyDisk is a unique New Music Discovery Game developed for the iOS platform.

You won't find "canned" music in GroovyDisk. GroovyDisk is centered around real artists spanning the globe and comprising all music styles.

Compete against other music lovers.

Think you know what makes a great song? Can you pick out a hit before your friends? Prove it against other players as you listen to new music and rate how you think it would sell.

Earn virtual Groovy Bucks to upgrade your Audio Rack, move up levels and gain new perks!

Support real Indie Artists at their finest.

Real fans of music can find new artists easier than ever, and be surprised with new artists you would have never looked for!

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get at this right cause its an opportunity to get your music played on an APPLE APP GAME FREE

06-10-2011, 05:24 PM
Don't sleep on this have you ever heard of getting your music on a game for an apple app? This is an opportunity right here to gain new fans and sales for your music and it don't cost nothing but a few mins what's good people get up on this

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gon look innu this

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good looks fam