View Full Version : another new track beat and lyrics by jonny details.c'mon mothafuckaz whos nice??????

Jonny Details
06-20-2011, 04:23 AM
prolly my best track yet check it out my beats r getting better!! PEACEE


06-20-2011, 05:23 AM
Nice beat and flow man.

06-20-2011, 02:32 PM
yo son RAW beat RAW rhymes peace & respect

Jonny Details
06-20-2011, 06:51 PM
good looks familia ima fucking destroy the measly minded with constant progress till i die..peaaceee

06-20-2011, 08:04 PM
pretty smoove shit b,i like it alot....respeck

Jonny Details
06-20-2011, 10:34 PM
gracias familia ima keep it alive fo a minute eeh dats whats good mann...im out.. i got mad shit goin on in life shits nuts,,still got time for the music tho!

06-21-2011, 10:13 AM
fresh beat rigth here...

pretty dope track overall

Jonny Details
06-21-2011, 11:23 AM
Good looks fammm

06-21-2011, 03:43 PM
yo this hsit is naaasty
whole track is fuckin ILLLLL

u need to put out a tape... if not, send me a file with all ur recent shit where u rhyming....my ipod will thank u lol

Jonny Details
06-21-2011, 04:21 PM
ok will do hermano gracias

Jonny Details
06-22-2011, 01:51 AM
No offense on the title im jushaving a good time wit it