View Full Version : Tru-Snow - Constantly Elevated (2nd Verse PREVIEW)(666 spit)

06-27-2011, 01:56 AM

the flows kinda choppy because it was weird for me to flow w/o the beat but i was bored so i said fuck it... drop sum feed d00ds

I'm so psychopathic alternating personalities
schitzophrenea manic depressive manager searchin for casualties
casually grip a hatchet slice and weave till the brains leak
with ease i could sustain the pain until the urge peaks
thoughts hazardous suburban merlins worshippin demonic churches
bowing to false idols sacrifices causin neighborhood turbulence
strangeley inclined to evil occurences and burnin shit
pessimist encouragin robbin zombies like horror flicks (rob zombie)
hell raiser tab taker saw 4 puzzle player
freddy krueger jab haters paranormal activity activator
exorcism orgasmic coagulation blood flow slow like patiance
bodies wasted like a 30 rack downed and L's facin
down on my luck like rophyline'd leperchaun rapings
and with this killa shit i get busy like grand station
i'm foul like a flagrant and nasty as the fragrance of baseheads
it's like free concert dvds a live for the taking (SO YELLOW TAPEM)