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Emperor Bohe
06-27-2011, 02:48 AM
What's up guys. I just dropped a new album with a rapper named Broken Pen, and I produced all of the beats on the album. Check it out, you can download/stream it on bandcamp for free. Give me some feedback.....I got some more music coming soon.

1) Out That Door
2) Loser Music
3) Another Day In Paradise
4) Lookiní For A Good Time (No Regrets) (Feat. Detective Tuesday)
5) Commencement at Stickup Kid Academy
6) Here We Go Again (Feat. Ben Franklin)
7) Doing It Wrong (I Got It)
8) Welcome To Japan
9) Dark (Feat. Tsurugi Deadly)
10) Nice
11) Bomb Defusing
12) Conversations With Santa Muerte
13) Letís See If You Can Close This Distance
14) Shake Fleas
15) Black Flag (Feat. Kaby)
16) I Just Wanna Smoke
17) Where I Want To Be
18) Love Potion No. 5 (Feel So Good)
19) Herbal Essence

Download/stream it here:

if you got more time....check out my other albums:

Emperor Bohe
05-24-2012, 02:29 PM
bump for all of the sleepers