View Full Version : Arm of Chaos, Hands of Fate

06-30-2011, 05:21 PM
Sick travel though towns clutching swords cutting down boards
leaving these chess pieces off the board fast as a match of Bobby Fischer's was/
sick swisher spliced pitchers duel fuel
my fire wired off alien dioxide with alpha nucleic acid
bang out subs in trials they can't even consume hydrogen any more/
rain guard battle hard face the card check the swipes I made at cha
swing blade switch lanes infiltrate the mind as I begin to debate/
rebate aim higher than a awakening when your just sinking in more and more
mow your yard basin bards level times that much more harder/
barge through the third, forth and fifth walls
check your girl's bra for the numbers of infinity she stole from the bathroom stalls/
written down clinches in pinches you stole 3rd my verbs worked that much more harder
cold cut cha soul sluts blown guts with C4 packages massively accurate/
top side block pride might slide through domes with stamps plated on headaches
they showed my flow to those in the pros and the meeting had just closed/
they say “Sheep Lord why you ain't up in the majors yet”
told the enthusiastic reporter I ain't measuring to there fortune 500 yet/
dead cha steps red necked hung space checks plead not guilty
put cha fifty in the gimme pile silence by a mile in my shoes/
come off the Moulin Rouge you ain't Ewing fused with ski luge
wild out cha Knox watch my fort rock until we rock slide/
climb out cha booth watch me front tooth your proof
axing off your claims you ain't naming the game playing my name/
knowing not to “Sleep on the Sheep” is how we stage situations
hostile vital to any scenario in this new century we playing in/
phase back to the map might cha lack is what cha might hack
paths diverge back to what cha lacked in the first place/
wasted ace canister master able checking for flows are fables
out cha girl's navel enable the world to be warped outta this world/
finger twirls margin hard bargain target cha harvest never insert cha cassette
unless you ready to snap rewind and fast-forward in the same breath/

clock your timing, whether your rewinding or forward thinking
it's the arm of chaos that guides the hands of fate
to anything that has to be given shall be taken away
it's the arm of chaos that guides the hands of fate
you already know what awaits