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i know i havn't posted here in a long time. the reason is cause i don't listen to secular music anymore. but i still make beatz and will give them to a christian rappers to get on it for the glory of the lord jesus christ. i grew up listening to hiphop since it started on the radio in 1980 but it started on the streets of the bronx in 1975 when i was born. so i rected it cause the lyrics are evil influence even if people say it's real life but it's real life depending on the life your living. if your living a godly life you wouldn't hear or agree with most lyrics. i always felt hiphop was the devils work cause of the fruits it produces.violence, drugs, sex ect... everytime i posted on this site i always was a christian but i kept it under wraps so no one would critisize me, but know i've given my life to jesus christ my saviour 100% so that's why i post this truth now. i started a site with some articals stating my claims and testimony ect...before each artical was written i prayed to the lord to help me write the truth and expose the lies. everything was written only by me. like i mentioned before i still make beatz and listen to other peoples beatz that aren't christian but only beatz alone cause the music is not the problem is the lyrics that are added to it. i made a short new beatape with bible verses it's call JESUS-the truth the way and life and you could listen to it on my site or download it. so i pray the lord opens your eyes to see the truth and your heart to recieve it and understand it i know many will reject it, but gods word never goes void it always penetrates someones heart and i hope it enters many of ya'll i got love for all in here and i want salvation... here's the link to my site: http://soldiersofchristapologetics.blogspot.com/ may the lord bless each one of you at sometime in your life with the truth...peace.

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Much respect fam. I don't know who or why someone would criticize your belief system. As long you're not being hypocritical about it. Your true calling is what you believe in the heart.

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