View Full Version : Wrote a rap for fun..is it any good?

07-25-2011, 03:37 PM
torch up the bud
exhale immense amounts of blood
causing a street flood
this all takes place beneath the mud
my thoughts spread like a theroy
i like my beats dark and eerie
heart beats so fast its teary
skitzafrnik furry
i need help
so i smoke wet weed thats called kelp
it makes me relax
helps me win battle tracks
my tongue is a slashing axe
rhymes crush through your bottled up ear wax
directly contacts
with the brain it collapse
im a owner of ancient artifacts
im drinkin shots of shnapps on top of book stacks
filled with knowledgable
avoiding mind traps
make a quick escape through a time lapse
visit camp nightmare
to survive here
you must face your deepest fear
spit a lyrical spear
into your ear
so you hear it clear
a magnificnet sound you love to hear
then suddenly i appearin a 3 dimensional sphere
its the final frontier
travled here
unknown year
i am the orginal member of the children of the corn
leave your parents bodies ripped up and torn
alliance with every day kithcen house applinace
obligated to speak highly of the science
terminated definace
being chased by the iron fucking giants
equppied with silenced pistols
its all i need to obtain the dark black crystals

07-29-2011, 11:14 PM
any input?

10-06-2011, 10:40 PM
halloweens my night just like jack skellington
more chink eyed then a scarfaced pelican
my outer flesh is just a human replicant
i toss rubber ducks right at your chest relaeasing all your inner intestines and guts
its been a rough day the ashtray is filled with ciggarette buts
rhymes so cold i leave em out to thaw
and this flow is a middle finger to the lackluster performance of the law
id like to see you try to talk your way out of this
instant replay is enough evidnece
to prove the theory of rambling reefer residents
or pathetic presidents
i easily remove the tissue from your ligaments
and bang the fuck outta them like drum instruments
irony is irrelvance
it aint no mystery
i dont recive pain nor injury
i take pain and charge it into positve energy
lyrical landscape imagery
the end of the world is all i see
stuck up phramacys
with gun in your face style robberies