View Full Version : Shattered bastard womb

tha god concept
07-30-2011, 05:27 AM

crack tokes and brazzin taxe quotes....i attract those
cats that spit that shit then lasso
black ammo night vision rambo....night brightened from a candle
the past life lightened like sandel shadowed on the sixth annual
brick crushes granual, kill the churches manual
i am one and will assist any man made animal
maximus alpha male sex crazed chemical attidude
so show some gratidude, summer day winters night mixed up attidude
1 thousand questions thatll never be answered untill the fats removed
and the facts reviewed
boss copt an attidude fucked up gratidude, 1000 questions thats removed
i move quick like bats from tombs,
and witches fast on brooms spirits cast from you and goblins from shattered bastard wombs
facebook friendly classic family photo rap attidudes
castin black facts as voodoo passes threw wu tang manual
mechanical cannibal shadows engulf our sanctidude brains from head
11 hours later dessert storm zombies infest ..........gathered up enuff strength to blow out my chest
cadillac cardiac arrest with lizzards breathe

08-05-2011, 08:41 AM
dope read man.. good placement with the multies, shit rolled out like pacquiao jabs

only thing i wuznt feelin wuz the repeat lines/rhymes.. 'attidude' especially, felt way overused

keep droppin God, nice to see sum old heads around