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08-11-2011, 10:23 PM
Don't get played get paid whether your a waiter, a maid I am by the game
taken the name Sheep Lord deep as an Accord in the drive way/
hate cha ways making flames from your oxidating ways
you ain't nothing but a sample and drum patterns
I throw up bars and bomb ya call me Techwon/
my technique unique like the gun on Megatron
Exxon your mobiles to any hoes trying to rub me the wrong way/
your fake as lips with no grips shoulder grips
paint cha time in the paint by the way I rhyme/
shame on the game get cha grind up
I play with loaded dice know that I don't throw it like wedding bells and rice/
too nice to fail, too sick to rebel, too sovereign to liquidate
too nasty to educated, too smart to dumb down you dumb clown/
too beast to roast like lunch meat, too sweat to be sugar
too compact to be an mp3, too ill to be vilified don't wonder why/
too many bars to add up then divide while flipping the reciprocal
too high to try like herion addicts I don't u got the warp drive to be this high in the sky/
too fly to be denied, too snarky to be replied to, get a clue or maybe two of e'm
too sway to be gamed by your lames get cha planes officially fitted for take off/
too underground to make a bumbling sound when ever you playing “otis”
I’m a rename it “lotus” by how sick my focus will swarm any beat cha give me/

08-12-2011, 04:32 PM
Turn the anthem up turn the anthem up