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Aesop Chi Odi
08-14-2011, 11:36 PM
ignorant get mad at he who hath mastered his sanity
one who dwells in the canopy of peace forever happily
all that im imagining usually start attractin me
a one man army made of metaphyics and alchemy

lonely i dream of peace and my portion of its abundant
spirit proven triumphant as body and mind become it

nope thanks
no i dont want nothing im done with suffrin
i had a cup of it cool but i could never be full

will i forever be true to this discipline??
that eightfold path that rescues all listenin
they say he mad he change like positionin
from gnostic christian
to sufi mystic then again

purify his soul work a root shrink a head
black migrant magician that whisper what he said
his body might shred but the spirit still left
he tryna build a intercom to heaven for the dead

guided by minds who were wise and escaped atom
blind in two eyes view the time through grey matter

an elevetaor life style yes my child
my destiny the crown press seven on the dial

i change like yin and yang conserve energy
they write now i translate infinity remember me....

Aesop Chi Odi
08-14-2011, 11:51 PM
one must clear the mind
to complete the body
i know wisdom well
it aint hard to tell

where time is the essence
my heart get informed by the path
while i make plans
trapped in the present
and know wisdom well
it aint hard to tell from the talk
im propelled by the action of heaven
been all about the absence of light
i work in the night like that unknown factor of life
they all about the absence of night
now when the sun shinin they active they actions aint right
i mastered my mind ....and own my psychology
that stone of philosophy was found on my property
the self educated meditated witch doctor
who fell up out of heaven to ignite chakras
wise author - i authorized my mind to conquer
the ego
that destroys bonds amongst people
my ego
threw rope around the god in me
the stronger it gets the more u feel is wrong with me
was on a odysee searching for god technology
the moment i unlocked the peace i uploaded equality
now im in a position that every christian wanta be
wise in the body
despite planz of illuminati

it aint hard to tell
i know wisdom well

it aint hard to tell
i know wisdom well

Aesop Chi Odi
08-17-2011, 03:37 AM
i feel like im 95 goin on 30
young in the body
wise in the mind
i understand time like i understand rhyme
dont underplan mine yard fulla landminez
im elite
take my time when i think
look alive on ya feet
fresh and unique
prophet of knwledge offerin you new peace
who came here to play the role proper in this movie
perfect a character & let the wisdom shine through me
the script was word perfect written by intelligence
that resemble
a table of divine elements
bring an end to
the paradigm of dead presidentz
and build a temple based on math and melanin ??????

i unlocked my godhood following the buddha
the universe should ban concrete and computer
i cant connect the ground with my spirit on a sidewalk
and I cant hear the call from beyond with all the mind block

Aesop Chi Odi
08-17-2011, 05:41 PM
america dream
what a scheme
great division
between the elite and the street
add religion
what a clever thing to profit off the pain.
the prison is a business
the judge is like the bank
the food is man made
man only make mistake
the inno got erased by a man made lake <----(New Orleans)<-(exploded levees)
a profit driven division of peculiar precision
the poverty of my peoples improper in my vision
if you cant properly think - you probably should listen
I am my own prophet ive written my own religion
dont follow me
write ya own policy
fulfill ya own prophecy
born alone
walk alone
die alone in ya oddysee

09-07-2011, 09:53 AM
that one above was popping!