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Aesop Chi Odi
08-17-2011, 04:26 AM
I havnt tried either of the two methods mentioned in the following quotes. I found them quite interesting and worthy of sharing nonetheless. You can find the name of the book i got this from at the end of post. I recommend it, its over five hundred pages and covers most of what you need to know about food in a wise way. From the ecology of nutrition to the pharmacology of it and even how food affects consciousness. I have a mobile library that I take with me on my travels which is made up of around 50 books and this book is one of only two that I have concerning food and health.

"There are very effective and time-honored yogic cleansing processes which remove mucus secretions and wastes that are contained in the body. One of these is a nasal wash which consists of pouring warm salt water in one nostril, with a specially designed pitcher, and allowing it to run out the other. This process is then reversed, and the mucus is forcefully expelled from the nose through rapid, short exhalations."

"the stomach can be cleaned by a similar wash, and one will find that in certain villages in India, part of the morning toilet is the drinking of a pitcher of water which is immediately thrown up, bringing with it the mucus that had accumulated in the stomach during the course of the night. This not only removes all of the mucus which had drained from the nasal passages, sinus and bronchi during the night and then been swallowed, but it also, through the pressure of regurgitation, forces out that mucus which is found in the bronchial tubes at that time."

- Diet & Nutrition A Holistic Approach by Rudolph Ballentine, M.D.