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Tao Mentality
08-29-2011, 07:56 PM
This fema camp/2012 Alien Attack/New World order isht got me paranoid.

The Bug Out Bag

Whats the purpose of a bug out bag? I think its all about preparedness. Fail to plan plan to fail type of thing. I mean what if an event occurs where the wisest course of action would be to leave the area your at immediately and live off the land for an indefinite number of days? Would you want to be prepared for that type of scenario? If your answer is Yes your going to need a bug out bag.

A Few Tips

It is important that you purchase a bag that has enough compartment area to cary all your survival equipment. It is also important that you pack the right items so do the research. It is also important that you pack the bag with all those items you need before an emergency event that requires its use hits your plate. That way your bags already filled and all you gotta do is throw it on and get ghost.

If your uninformed when it comes to knowledge of outdoor survival. Hit a bookstore and find a good text on that; that definitely needs to be on your list and in your bag. You really dont know what you'll need until you know exactly whats needed to survive for real and a good book will help you with that. Your favorite spiritual book should be with you too. I know my i ching and buddhist books would be with me. It wouldnt be a bad idea to pack a small bible as well, they come in handy every now and then. A pocket dictionary and thesaurus. Pen and Paper.

Extra draws, socks, pants, and boots need to be in your bag. Cold weather gear needs to be in your bag. If you live in an area with heavy snow and rain you need to have apparell that protects you from those elements and possibilities. A snow cap and snow weather gloves need to be on your list. A rain poncho needs to be on your list.

If you sleep in a sleeping bag be sure to dress properly for the heat that develops over time when sleeping, you can wake up and have drenched clothing because youve been sweating for a few hours. That would be a problem if your in a cold environment.

If you are dealing with an ailment and you take medication put what you can in the bag to help you deal with that. For most people first aid kits are a no brainer. Yet Pain killers and anti allergy medicines and medicines for toothache and what not dont cross the mind.

Coffee grounds. Coffee iz great for energy you can put a little between your lip and gum like its tabbacco chew, that will wake you up and keep you alert when you need it.

The bigger the bag the more you can fit and the better off you'll be so I advise that you put the $300 or better on a bag verses getting a cheap one that cant carry everything you will need.

One method you can use to adjust your body to the weight of a heavy camping bag is to buy and weighted vest and do some high paced walking everynow then. A camping bag is definitely something that will cause pain & ache if you plan to cover great distances.

There are plenty of youtube videos on Bug Out Bag check them out you may pick up a few more tips on items that you dont know about.

Tao Mentality
08-29-2011, 08:27 PM
These are camping meals and you can fit a few in camping bag and still have plenty of space for everything else. They come with heating packs, a main meal, water flavoring packs, crackers, snacks, napkins, etc. Not a bad look.