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>I'm not expert on the topic. This is my understanding of it though.<


I think there is misconception concerning the word leadership and what a leader is supposed to be. Despite what the majority of you may think there can be more than one leader in a group. If a group is truly to determined on its goal then damn near every man and woman in that group will have been made a leader.

If a group has no goal then leadership cannot exist. Get a group, get a goal, let the goal be your first leader, then develop leadership from that point forward and maintain focus on the goal till you accomplish it. The goal will always be your first leader. Thats how its down and thats how it works.

Leadership is a collective role. Its an individual quality that empowers the collective because everywhere you turn you got a dependable being whom you can rely on to handle him or herself whether times or good or bad and to look beyond the moment, capture the big picture and let his understanding of that picture direct action and thought. A group who's members possess that capabilty, that ability to lead and create leadership as well is well on its way to victory.

Leadership is not an individual role its a group role. Oftentimes its the individual that recognizes the leadership first(which is the goal) and having recognized the leadership she then follows it and lives for it and people mistake her 4 the real leader yet she is second in command; she was just first to recognized the goal.

How does leadership become a group role? Well thats where the real work of leadership beings, thats taking the goal and creating a culture that will allow you to accomplish that goal and then planting that culture or paradigm into each individual in the group. It is a group role because its everyones resposibility to understand the goal and to demonstrate the mode of thought and behavior that strengthens it. It is also the responsibility of the group to recognize what weakens there collective walk towards the realization of the goal and nip it in the bud. One person cant accomplish that only the group can.

True leaders have to ability to keep the goal in mind and respect it for what it really is. They also have the ability to teach the ideas and skills relative to achieving the goal to other people.

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