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Soul Controller
09-06-2011, 06:35 PM

been wanting to buy this for time,.

been looking for a non apple link, anyone know if theirs a proper website set up so i can buy it direct?

thinking of asking Zumbi on facebook,. cant believe i bought atomic clock by zion i, this year,, im sure this burnerz album will own his solo..
hes also got a mixtape out soon

has anyone heard this??
ive heard 4 tracks, about 8 months ago, then i didnt want to hear anymore, and just wanted to wait till i got it in real life.. but i cant find it anywhere!!!

fuck a free download for quality like this.





my fave burnerz joint


also.... My version of Elighs' Grey Crow... doesnt have the tracks Reach or A Loner, and i ordered them from his bandcamp page.. lol
some1 helps me out :D

I have to say tho ZUMBI, has to the hardest working M.C this year..
Burnerz release, Solo(Atomic Clock) Zion I & Grouch Heroes in the healing of the nation, aswell as his upcoming mixtape..

Anyone listen to Either of these 3 M.C's?


Ill post up more tracks, if people are interested..

*edit Zumbi got back to me on the burnerz album, getting it directly from him :D

Soul Controller
09-06-2011, 06:40 PM
His/their last mixtape


Download here (http://www.thegreenballoon.com/clients/zumbi/420.zip)