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How can you not know who Gumby is? He's been around a lot longer than that stupid Pants dude.



SAN DIEGO (AP) A person dressed as Gumby walked into a Southern California convenience store, claiming to have a gun and demanding money, but costume trouble and a skeptical clerk thwarted the would-be robber.

Surveillance video shows someone police think it was a man in a bulky, green costume and another man entering 7-Eleven in Rancho Penasquitos early Monday.

Gumby demanded money, but the store clerk thought it was a joke and ignored the life-size Claymation character, telling him he was cleaning up and didn't have time to waste, said San Diego police Detective Gary Hassen.

"You don't think this is a robbery? I have a gun," the costumed man said, fumbling inside his costume as if trying to retrieve a weapon, Hassen said.

But the green-gloves seemed to get in the way, and rather than pull a gun, he dropped 26 cents on the floor, Hassen said.

The video shows the second man, who came in with the Gumby suspect, but was not dressed as Pokey, walk out of the store.

The costumed character "can't pick up the money and he can't get the gun," Hassen said. So when the other man pulls up in front of the store and honks, the would-be robber runs to the white or silver minivan and takes off, Hassen said.

San Diego's KGTV News reported that the clerk told his boss he didn't know who Gumby was and described the character in the store as a "green SpongeBob SquarePants."

The clerk didn't report the encounter, but his boss called police after viewing the surveillance tape several hours later.

Police are taking the attempted theft very seriously, Hassen said.

It doesn't matter if a potential robber is wearing a ski mask, a bandanna, a hoodie or a big, green head it's still a disguise, he said.

A reward of up to $1,000 is being offered by Crime Stoppers.

No other Gumby thefts have been reported in the area, Hassen said.

There have been no arrests, but police hope the surveillance tape will change that. People may not recognize the person under the Gumby suit, but his partner is very recognizable, Hassen said.

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If he gets caught, he might not be able to wear that outfit in prison, but accomodations could be made so that his prison outfit includes lipstick, highheels, and skimpy clothes.

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^^ :lmao:

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They released him after he did an armed robbery? lol

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Gumby's bandit days appear to be over.

A man named Jacob Kiss, 19, told police in San Diego on Tuesday that he is the person who dressed as the green animated character Gumby, entered a California 7-Eleven store this month and had an encounter with the store clerk that investigators later described as an attempted robbery, police said.

The suspect in the September 5 incident had claimed to be armed and demanded money, but left the store after the clerk dismissed him as a jokester, they said.

Surveillance video from the store was widely broadcast in news reports after the encounter between the Gumby-clad man and the store clerk, which made headlines as police searched for the suspect and his getaway driver.

Kiss brought the full-body Gumby costume with him to police headquarters when he turned himself in, and was accompanied by an alleged cohort named Jason Giramma, 19, who apparently drove away from the store with Kiss that day, San Diego police spokesman Detective Gary Hassen said.

Investigators questioned Kiss and Giramma, took down their statements and confiscated the slanty-headed Gumby costume before releasing the pair, Hassen said.

Police plan to give the evidence to the local District Attorney's Office for possible prosecution.

Gumby, a green humanoid figure who looks like an elastic stick of gum with limbs, was created in the 1950s by the late Art Clokey and his wife, Ruth.