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09-17-2011, 04:13 PM

Man, this album kills, but there are hardly any reviews of it on the web compared to their first album or Busta's solo albums. What gives? I know it's a bit more "abstract" than the latter stuff, but, hell, albums like Liquid Swords, Deltron 3030, and even All Balls Don't Bounce seem to have bigger followings than this. The production is superb, all deep and layered with weird atmospheric samples and jazzy vibes, the rhyming and flows are top shelf, and I love the reggae influence in Busta and Milo's flows. Busta is still the standout star, but everyone else is strong and has improved vastly since Future Without a Past (I especially like Dinco's tongue twisters).

I know Future Without a Past is a supposedly more "fun" album, but I tend to find it a bit goofy and immature, and I think it's a shame that most music journalists act like that album is the essence of LONS and that this is some forgotten failed experiment. I think LONS didn't actually come into their own until this, and I always wish there had been at least one more LONS album in the later part of the 90s to hear their take on that darker post-Wu-Tang sound everyone (including Busta) was picking up on at the time. I would honestly rank this album alongside Enta da Stage, 36 Chambers, 93 'til Infiinity and Innercity Griots as one of the essential classics of 1993. Why do you think this is so ignored today?

09-17-2011, 05:52 PM
Yeah I think "T.I.M.E." is better than LONS' first album too, and I have no idea why it's so slept on. It's definitely a NY classic. I think Dinco is just as good as Busta on this album, and Charlie is close behind. Milo's dope too. Either way, I never thought that Busta overshadowed the rest of the group at all, because they're all so dope too.

09-17-2011, 06:17 PM
I think he overshadows them in the same way that ODB and Method Man kind of overshadowed the rest of the Clan on 36 Chambers - they were obviously going to be the first breakout stars because of their charismas and weirdness, but that didn't prevent the more cerebral and technical MC's like GZA, Rae, and Ghost from consideration later. Unfortunately, LONS broke up right after this and Charlie, Dinco, and Milo dropped the fuck off the map afterward (though I guess Busta threw them a bone on The Coming; btw ever notice how rugged Dinco's voice sounds on "Keep it Movin'"?). Dinco and Charlie were no doubt very skilled MC's, and only would have sounded better and better on later projects, but whereas the Clan stuck together and made sure everyone (well, almost everyone; sorry INS, Masta Killa, and U-God) got a chance in the spotlight, Busta devoted all his time to himself and his way more mediocre crew Flipmode Squad (although Rah Digga was always good and Rampage was pretty decent too).

I think the one thing that's most interesting about this album is just how much better Busta's lyrics are. It's as if the non-gangsta image they had forced him to be more creative and bizarre than on any of his later solo stuff (because he says some straight up weird shit on this album). His first two albums keep that craziness level that elevates the lyrics, and he still has some weird zingers (like "right on your subconscious I'll leave my SHIT-STAIN!!!"), but I think his lyrics on ELE, Anarchy, and Genesis are extremely boring for the most part (and I can't even get into the music on any of his albums after Genesis). LONS pushed Busta to be a more lyrical MC and not just rely on being Busta all the time.

09-17-2011, 10:47 PM
got this on tape

09-17-2011, 11:42 PM
I wonder whatever happened to the rest of them cats, Busta saw the chance for solo and kept it movin on them, lol, cant say I blame him tho, dog eat dog world and all

Did Charlie Brown put out anything solo, did I sleep on it or did he just say fuck it and fill out a UPS application??

09-18-2011, 01:35 AM
Apparently he's been making music for commercials these days: http://2020proof.wordpress.com/2009/04/01/charlie-brown-of-lons-interview-not-an-april-fools/

(The whole interview is a good read by the way.)

All of them sans-Busta also reunited for a show at the Knitting Factory in 2010 too: