View Full Version : Punch It In...

10-02-2011, 03:40 PM
Retype write what cha feel behold the yield never another field array game day
shame pays plight fights whites of the eyes wise lines be lies in minds
who cannot cope with the slack they been given/
swerve living sight beyond ponder yawns commerce bore hells in whores
force fire wired lighting strikes heights miked up beast be raw holding all the cards/
trying raid my domain in clone banes most plains gassed out of cans
plaster plans all over scams leaving websites thinking it's truth when its a hoax/
folks get with the motherfucking program you don't need Dr. PC with a PHD
when I have a PHD to desolate intricate lakes be hates on waves you fakes can't take/
fakes get defrauded bonded molecular arcs be Borgs to your robotic arms
noir gory bombs slight stealth felt cha wealth dissipate
as your aggregate and they continuously masturbate/
fixing cassette decks checking to take the wake
passing along secrets in hand offs what cha stands off like a bunch of mexicanos/
armed a lotto master a throttle bobble arms narcoleptic given them antiseptics
you ain't protecting the necks of those who didn't even choose to lose/
fusion dance vegeta gang warfare mind mobster trip all over ya words
for ever never whenever seen all my endeavor feverishly leave fiends seen/
dream deans leans off the water flooding albatross armed abyss
see the cost fix a plate wish away spits are lames when they just average
when they ain't even psycho with the game, been a ripper since 98/
godfather it bother lobbies armed hobbies shanks bank anchors
make ya take it, deal with it, face the clips of crypts trying to crump it up/
tone touch fold cha flush blown your coverage had a man down
and ya diss cha back for lines that didn't even react nor attack/
factual facts claps a jacker for trying to rip me off with bootlegs
I got councils that console publishing flows in twenty minute intervals/

it's the never limited always chaotic
we're diminutive, we're not minions
spit concussed leave you dusted by breaks on ya face
waste anything you attempt to erase....
trying cross that line and punch it in....
will be the last end to your day you'll ever have....

10-02-2011, 09:07 PM
props yo this shit is fire best i seen from you in a lil minute