View Full Version : See Dawg, Say Dog

10-06-2011, 08:30 AM
bang through bars made in laws 54 draws
get cha clips cut down to 24 hours in a day with 64 moves in a game/
you know the way i slay an m-i-c with skip to any loot
you reboot like an old pc with dreams of an ati type of
try n varnish the hardest by how polish we come equipped
drip bombs drive up mods in cards you don't even shuffle/
you ain't even ruffling feather dead head cha chains
you ain't wrangling my style from the hands of a psycho
you ain't seen nothing, nada, nathan
when i come through with more pipe bombs than CM Punk/
get punched drunk spit cha flames leave you lames with no names
washed out with acid pencil dipped erasers on federal documents/
you ain't phasing me,can;'t even plastic master blast addicts
come out cha car crash fast and dangerous i live psychotically sane/
sole control fold cha boldy uninsured fused by the raw
hit cha hard you can't even cry without sobbing about pie/
wonder why i am a surgeon with pen equally my doctorate
opperate pop in my taqpe and watch cha brain get anally raped/
put cha face on books, fly with a hook,line and sink ya boat
you ain't sinking my battle ship, im crushing ya whole fleet
why not just taking a motherfucking knee cuz u ain't getting this touchdown/

see dawg, say dog
do what cha say and say what cha do
tweedle dee, tweedle dumb
say what cha do, and do what cha say
see dawg, say dog

10-06-2011, 10:17 AM
nice drop