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Is there a new emperor?


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I don't get it... why would porn be censored? Not saying that I watch it

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I don't get it... why would porn be censored? Not saying that I watch it

Cause they would rather you focus on other things such as girl on girl crapping on one another or vomitting on each other

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Somewhere around 2003 I think. They changed the law.

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Nah, it can't be. Asian porn has been censored for what seems like ages now.

Why is Japanese Porn Censored?

Unless you are a pure individual, you probably know that Japanese porn is censored. Male and female genitalia are censored using a mosaic blur. If you watch Japanese porn expecting to see the female crotch area, you will likely see something like this instead: [pixelated image]

Why is this so? Why does Japan, one of the largest markets for pornography in the world, force film makers to censor their films?

Porn was first seriously restricted in Japan in the Meiji Era, when materials deemed “injurious to public morals” were banned [thanks to the introduction of Victorian morals from the West]. After Japan’s defeat in WW2, American occupation authorities changed many of Japan’s laws to guarantee freedom of speech and expression. Sadly, the occupation authorities decided that the pre-existing law regarding pornography didn’t need to be changed. It has remained in effect to this day.

While the 60 years after World War II saw the acceptance of uncensored pornography as freedom of expression in the West, Japan continued to consider it “injurious to public morals.” One still cannot legally buy a movie featuring fully visible hardcore action.

In recent years it seems that the definition of “injurious to public morals” has been relaxed. Ten years ago, pubic hair was censored: now it is not. Last year, the American film Kinsey was allowed to air in Japanese theaters uncensored. The scene in which Dr. Kinsey is giving a slideshow of penis/vagina picture made history as the first ever scene showing human genitalia allowed by the censors.

The uncensored Japanese porn that exists does so because 1) It was made for foreign export, or 2) It was illegally produced/uncensored. Certain machines, such as the one pictured above are supposedly capable of removing certain types of mosaic censoring. Various knobs are used to adjust settings to match the mosaic censoring, while a small joystick is used to target a certain area of the video. As one Japanese guy explained to me, “it is kind of hard to whack” when you have to concentrate on using your other hand to move the joystick and make sure the de-mosaic is centered on the action. This doesn’t stop Japanese guys from shelling out hundreds of bucks for such machines. Smarter men go onto the internet, where the uncensored movies made for export are downloadable from sites hosted outside Japan.

Censorship is enough to completely turn off most Americans to Japanese porn. They are so used to seeing hardcore penetration shots that the fact that they can’t actually see the genitals make the porn useless to them. It’s a shame, since some out there think that Japanese pornography is often far superior to American adult videos. Japanese porn doesn’t focus on the penetration shot, instead using a variety of direction styles to create a sex scene. Without censorship, most Japanese directors would be as lazy as their American counterparts, who rely heavily on close-ups of penetration. It is possible that Japan’s wacky and innovative porn is a partial response to censorship.

In Japan, Article 21 of the Japanese Constitution guarantees freedom of expression and prohibits formal censorship. What censorship does exist is often carried out through Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan. Historically the law has been interpreted in different ways—recently it has been interpreted to mean that all pornography must be at least partly censored; however, there have been very few arrests based on this law.[1]

Due to the current interpretation of Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan, which forbids creating and distributing "indecent" materials, it is believed that most pornography in Japan must be at least partially censored. There have, however, been very few arrests for violations of this law.[1]
The most recent trial based on this law, the first in 20 years, was the conviction of Suwa Yuuji in January 2004 for his hentai manga Misshitsu. He was originally fined 500,000 yen and avoided jail time by pleading guilty. When he appealed the case to the Supreme Court of Japan on arguments that the manga was not as indecent and explicit as much material on the Internet and that Article 175 violated the Japanese Constitution's protection of freedom of expression, the Court upheld the ruling, and fine was tripled to 1.5 million yen.
After Yuuji's conviction, a number of bookstores and chains removed their adults-only section. Their motivation has been attributed to the outcome, in a "chilling effect".[4]

Shots of cocks are bad for public morals, but... eels slithering into women's assholes are OK

In 2007, the police have started to prosecute webmasters who allow uncensored pictures on their sites.[citation needed] Recent controversies have frowned upon both pubic hair and even genitalia itself being displayed in works of art and in educational settings.[5]
It is also illegal to bring pornographic material into Japan, and customs agents are known for checking videotapes in international mail and hand baggage. Extreme cases, like multiple offenders or attempts at commercial importation, could be punished by fines but most merely have their contraband confiscated. Applications of this law did not change in recent years, but more offenders are caught in recent years as checks became tighter to prevent the drug trade and terrorism.[citation needed]

There is also a thriving genre of underground pornography in Japan (called urabon) that ignores these censorship laws; it has become especially prevalent on the Internet, as there are no mechanisms in place to prevent its transmission from Japanese nationals to the outside world, or vice versa.