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10-13-2011, 07:57 PM
Can it be done :?
I want to fax documents from my vehicle.

use cell as fax modem
i know this has been asked before and ive searched some on here but didnt quite find what i was looking for. i know about the free sites that you can send up to like 10 pages a month or something like that. ive tried them and they work but they just arnt very reliable. i can never tell when they will actually get recieved and then they might get recieved multiple times.

anyways ive been using my phone for internet no problem with a usb cable. i have a fax machine/copier/scanner/printer that i used at my old house with vonage to send faxes. since i only have my cell phone the internet isnt fast enough to use vonage. i was wondering if i could just hook the printer up to the computer and use my cell phone to dial out to fax. ive read alot about people dialing into their regular dialup internet connections and it working fine. is there a way to dial out to send faxes through the cell?

i was just curious because id really like to have my fax machine up and running again. i dont really fax to much and i barely ever recieve them i just want to be able to send them out. seems like there would be a way to connect the fax/printer to the computer and then have the phone connected also and then be able use the phone to dial out.

PC faxing with XP through my Razor V3c does work.
I have used the faxing feature with XP and used my phone as a tethered modem. I am sure blue tooth would work too.

I have the Motorola modem drivers from Motorola Phone tools. Then setup a dialup connection (wizard) in XP. Then use XP's faxing wizard from there.

A pure Fax machine connection, I cannot help.

This will work for e815 too.

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10-14-2011, 01:22 AM
Very nice concept, but the paper is shit if you need quality paper printouts.

Possio Greta Mobile Fax