View Full Version : * Music Will Evolve after 2012 *

Big Baby Jesus 666
10-15-2011, 05:19 PM
hey wu-tangaz. i know alot of people dont believe in 2012 and even less believe that music will change after that year but here we go.

i want to tell you about the future of music after 2012. basically it will have shapes in it as well as notes.. i know its not 2012 yet but heres a sneak peak..

ok so visualise this in your mind. Hello.

ok break it down into syllables



now the shape for
this is like this

Hell /

O \

Hello - /\

so you try to find a good sample that blends with the shape of a triangle or /\

dont spread this round to too many people. thanks necro

-Alan Fraser

i also want to add how you can already visualise different instruments as having colours. but when we add in shapes after 2012 it will be more divine. trust!

Big Baby Jesus 666
10-15-2011, 05:41 PM
Ahmed thinks the way music will change once it evolves that we will use 9" and other odd numbers as the standard size for sub woofers.. Different calculations

Linstidind wonders if after 2012 that trends become chaotic and will appear and disolve within weeks or even days causing the record labels to not know what to promote with stupid marketing campaigns and whatnot.. risk taking will be the future