View Full Version : Mic Geronimo is back!

10-27-2005, 02:17 AM
for anyone who is old enough to remember and appreciate the second renaissance of hip hop(1993-1997) will remember back in '95 a very slept on album called "The Natural" by one Mic Geronimo. the queens native banged out some dope shit on that album, including Shits Real, Masta I.C.(which is still one of the sickest beats i've ever heard) and Time To Build, which included 3 emcees who were not known at the time but who we all know and love(or hate) now. they would be Ja Rule, DMX and Jay-Z. he also introduced us to fellow wastelandz representer Royal Flush.

for his next album he got diddy involved with his album, and thats where it all went wrong. trying the flashy route didn't work, and since then mic g's been off the hip hop radar.

so i went today to get a haircut at my usual spot, and i sat down and looked in the next chair, and who was there? mic g! i built wit him for a minute, shouted him out for that underground classic album and seems like he's not done just yet wit hip hop. he told me he had just got out the studio(he looked beat) and that he was working hard on a new album! didn't get any details on it but it's good to know that one of the true wordsmiths from the early 90's era of rap is still got some darts left for us.

btw anyone in the tri-state area he told me he's doing a show this sunday at The Voodoo Lounge. don't know any details, i'm sure u can go online and get that info.