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tha god concept
11-10-2011, 09:18 PM
jesus christ was an alien he arrived on a mothership
the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati host satans demons.....but thats on some other shit
im like David Icke with a mic about to uncover it
pick up the truth open ya eyes and discover this
think outside the box like chucky and run right under it
the evidence is thunderous.....now the gods are angry
my theory of whats real got the average man lynchin to hang me
like im a creation of Stan Lee or the black sheep of ya family
drastic raps collapse mountains as i sniff the white caps
never left the country in this life but did international laps in my last
shit eating grin watch me laugh, ancient alien spacecrafts
stay spaced out do the math im like a rogue lion on the path
the belt of orion split in half a galactical holocaust bloodbath
ya i done that crab my ora's violent black
silent attacks rip the earths geography in half as if hit with a battle axe
our history is fabricated kid you gotta laugh
subliminal messages and mind control from H.A.A.R.P headquarters in Alaska
shooting hostile alien drones with death rays call ya Pastor
im an alchemist amatuer dropping science from Canada
see your self in my blade you know the one im about to cram in ya

tha god concept
11-10-2011, 10:03 PM
yo my verses lash threw you like violent winds from a cyclone
blow right threw the tunnel vision of a cyclopses eyebone
the sires retired imma attack the globe then jack the throne
your raps depress me like a mummy's moan smokin black bones
bloody cracked poems.....demons feast on the weak
my raps put heads too bed so fuck counting sheep
and fuck the royal canadian mounted police, they more crooked than British teeth
my raps connect people from all places and races
gave vampires braces cause they always bite in the wrong places
your shoulder blade rips... then watch CONCEPT shapeshift
workin heavy machinery on a dayshift giving you an ominous facelift
take off on a space ship to cash my check and get payed quik
spray clips like dicks unloading on tight clits that might rip
im hype bitch......stay blunted from exotic cheeba
rare like erotic beastyality thoughts of sex with two woman and a cheetah
sniff all the white lines off a zebra...im ya teacher
and you better be a teaches pet
cause i havent herd one word from a prayer come true yet
CONCEPTS a true wu corp vet, poppin ya bitches cherry like crashin a new corvette

tha god concept
11-11-2011, 12:16 AM
demons and entitys that be up to no good enter me
schoolin so many kids...... what good is academic elementary
all of you freeze catch a frost bitten steeze
blow more scum out my trunk then when an elephant sneeze
irrelevant screams shatter her delecate dreams
and pelecans wings weighed down by a mouth full of schemes
under the couch next to my heat lays the cream
i stay obscene......95% fall asleep with dreams subliminally implanted
in theyre brains microchips are planted
dont take death for granted when the grimm reaper personnaly hands it
to you....big black blades erase you
stuffed in a suitcase blue and blackened from a severley near death beating that just fuckin happened
now whos fuckin laughin
i will open my mouth only to eat your sole
unlike you who tries to swallow my cock whole

tha god concept
11-11-2011, 12:55 AM
I like to parley at the funeral parlor all day
confusion and drugs keeps my conscious at bay
CONCEPTS polished like a virgins pussy in college
watch me demolish a swollen hole up to my wrist wheres the rolex
fat pole sex with blonde polish chicks
next to my heart the coldest shit is snow fall kid
while your bitch and her friend snowball my spit
you watch and get off on it......coffin in coffins bitch
vampire desires cause hollywood only leaks 5%
of whats really happening.....say my name call me out like the Cracken
shorten ya life span with fast attacks from my right hand
Polo sport fragrance left the murder scene nameless yet famous
shamefull and shameless written on the foerhehead from the fourfinger rings pavement
slave shit....locked down and payless
dont make me name kids.... alien abduction arrangments with me and the nameless
alien ressurection especially the grey ones
fuck jesus christ my hands are the ones yall fed from

tha god concept
11-11-2011, 04:55 AM
Cats on this site just cant compete
pull the blankets over ya face and go to sleep
only wet dreams you see is blood flooding the street
stomp your face and con creeps
no evidence is concrete cause the pigs cant peep
diggin holes in the junk yard watch gods pigs feast
listining to bull boares boar holes and eat
lapping up your flesh laughing as you take ya last breath
gasping blood bubbles form until ya life left
now your bodies lifeless, im the trifflest
100 shotguns and riffles pointed at ya wifes tits
my types sick, death is priceless unless the russians might just
pay me in advance, for the hits i conducted on theyre land
fuck commands i dont listen to any man
only the demonic skeleton that conducts me with Hitlers hands
rinse my brain eating gorilla organs, a schmorgasboard of asian orphans
my dick and body aint normally proportioned
im sexually frustrated in hands cuffs as the funeral parlors organs
feed my ego...........last year i sadistically killed three people
protitutes aint shit they aint real people
they get fucked all day used up by evil
satans meat puppets take your crucifix and fuck it
the vaticans employees abuse young kids and makem suck dick
and you pray to god??? i pray to god i hope you get gang banged by russian mobsters in Prague