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Poison Flowerz!
12-06-2011, 04:25 PM

the purpose of this thread is for anyone to post dreams they experience, whether profound, puzzling, minute, bugged out, whatever..

why?? inspiration, novel ideas, insight, amusement.. there is no difference in reading fiction

so is like a dream journal with many writers

Poison Flowerz!
12-06-2011, 04:57 PM

i was on an icy planet with dark purple skies, i went there to pick up some highly illegal creature

This "person" was standingg near some huge high-tech crate, it looked like something out of Halo! and had all these buttons/lights on it. The person was speaking to me in a language that sounded like someone speaking Russian underwater, but somehow i understood him. somehow i knew his name was Aristotle. he had the crazy mask with tubes coming out of it that went all throughh his body, and this fur coat that dragged on the ground. I guess i met these fools on an obscure planett because whatever i was obtaining was secret, and regulatedd by some extra terrestrial enforcement agency. He used a CROWBAR to open this HIGH TECH HALO CRATE and i thought it was hilarious..

what camee out was what looked like a golden retriever crossed with a komodo dragon, it had this stretched out, elastic face and yellow lizard eyes. its teeth were like needles. remember that anglerfish from Finding Nemo?? with the light on its head, and the bent needle teeth grill? it had those teeth! i was happy to have this lizard-dog, but was nervous because the space russian warned me that TIME POLICE would be searching for it. i was suddenly on a planet that looked like earthh but the sky was yellow, and there was picket fences everywhere, with no real logical blueprint. the dog started "telling" me about how it would use earth as its host, and that it was of a secret race that destroyed planets, but i just rolled with it, I WAS DOWN


12-06-2011, 10:20 PM
Almost all of my dreams take place in pretty realistic earth settings with people I actually know. But events tend to be symbolic upon reflection. Occasionally there's something weird that makes it a dream.

Like I remember years back when I was younger, I had a crush on a girl and I dreamed about saving her from a giant preying mantis with a laser gun. Then we boned. It was a good dream...

The other night I was in the back right seat of a grey Volkswagen (which the driver has in real life) with three of my friends driving through a town/city which I recognized in the dream as a real place although it didn't really seem like it upon further instruction. We missed a left turn so when we were trying to take the next left we almost got flattened by a huge green 18 wheeler which cut us off but we veered and didn't get hit. Then we were complaining about it to the meter maid cop guy. Then I looked down the road and it seemed to stretch to the horizon and these three curved blue bridges rose up in the distance and I felt like we were going to head over one of the bridges.

The dream was about me missing the right decision and avoiding making a tragic mistake and moving on to the right course which will be a major change. All things I'm dealing with because I'm taking the spring off from college to sort out some concerns I've been having with things and I'm going to go somewhere else in the fall. So in a way it all makes sense to me.

Uncle Steezo
12-07-2011, 01:10 AM
dope thread, i'll contribute tomorrow cause i dream every night and can usually remember them for at least an hour after waking.

flowerz, that dream was dope.
boarz, you made the right choice. take some time and explore see if dick is really what you like. just remember, your parents will still love you when you come out the closet, so GO FOR IT!!!

food for thought
12-07-2011, 01:25 AM
"Lucid in the sky with diamonds"

Lucid Dreams happen when the dreamer realizes she/he is dreaming, thus opening doors to playful experimentation and profound self-discovery...
"...we find ourselves in a playground as rich and colorful as our imagination allows"

Something interesting about dreams in general, but specially true in lucid dreams, is that everything looks, feels and smells real, and sometimes even more "real than real", and this is because dreams stimulate the same brain zones than our awakened perception experiences, this means that if we dream we are kissing someone, the same neurological networks are triggered as if we would actually be in the heat of a kiss.

"Taking the time and effort to become aware and lucid in one's dreams, and taking advantage of the various dream-technologies available is worth every second and every penny, as having the ability to work with dreams (instead of trying to control them) gives us health, emotional understanding, and tons of fun and excitement."

There's a wide range of options that have helped people become lucid, below I'll list the most effective and enjoyable (or at least the less uncomfortable i.e. difficult to swallow):
Many plants have aided human sleep and dreams throughout history, but there are a couple plants that deserve special attention for their amazing power to provoke lucid or at the least, extremely colorful and detailed dreams.

These are plants that are known to have effects only during sleep:


This is a common plant from Mexico, where they smoke a joint of the dried leaves while drinking a tea made from more leaves before going to sleep.
They ask for guidance in dreams and have lucid dreams that help them in times of difficulty or uncertainty.
Smoking the joint is neither good nor bad, as long as you get used to the harsh smoke, but the tea is terribly bitter and difficult to gulp down... I've had a fair amount of semi-lucid dreams with it and, despite my special fondness for entheogens from Mexico, I would say that the next plant is a much more effective and simple way to pursue your lucid-dreaming objectives.


This is a tiny, white root from Xhosa, Africa. Shamans mix a little piece of chopped root with cold water with a wooden spoon until (allegedly) it starts to foam, then he takes some of the foam until he feels his stomach swollen, and then he goes to sleep into a lucid-dream. I haven't been able to cause the water to foam, but I drink a tea made with just one or two little pieces of root in the morning, before breakfast, and I chew and eat a little piece of root (about 1/2 inch) before going to bed with GREAT success.
The minimum active dose is as little as 250mg, and not much more than that is needed, but something to have in mind is that the active principle from Xhosa Root accumulates in the body as days go by. Several succesful experiences mention that they had their first truly amazing dream 3 or 4 days after starting taking the dream herb tea.


For some people Salvia Divinorum helps them become lucid, for others, the Salvia Divinorum effects make them feel they are on a lucid dreaming state of mind (while awake).
What I like to do is to get ready for bed and load my pipe with a little 10x extract, lay down and let all the thoughts of the day drift away, expelling the smoke as slowly as I can. Then I let Salvia Divinorum work her wonders on me as my body shuts down to sleep.

I find that if I concentrate (and if I don't have a breakthrough realization or insight that excites me and makes it impossible to go to sleep) I'll start having the most bizarre, beautiful, vivid "dreams" somewhere between sleep and awake.

I don't really feel asleep, I'm still conscious that I'm lying in my bed, but I guess my brainwaves reach a dream-like frequency because the visions/dreams I experience are as "real-feeling" as any vivid dream.
As Sadi's effects only last for a short period of time, I haven't been able to use Salvia as a Lucid-Dreaming-aid (the period of sleep when its most probable to become lucid are the last hours of sleep, after sleeping about 7 or 8 hours)


This is a beautiful plant grown for its brilliant foliage and is found in a wide variety of colors, including intense pink, red, green and black, to yellow, purple, blue and violet.
For the the Mazatecs of Oaxaca, Coleus is closely related to Salvia Divinorum and it is supposed to have psychoactive properties, though no active chemical has been found in Coleus. For more information on Coleus click here.
By ingesting several leaves of Coleus and smoking Salvia before going to sleep, you increase your probabilities of having a lucid dream (if you have a real desire to have one) or at the least, you'll experience a whole different level of dreaming... more vivid, more intense and more realistic


Finally, I'd like to mention Kratom, the South-Asian magical stimulant/sedative. By making a tea out of the leaves (or adding some powdered leaves to your favorite juice... there are several presentations and kinds of Kratom) you'll get a feeling of well-being, eager to work, talk and be active, but what's interesting is that as you increase the dose, you'll feel increasingly sedated, until all you'll want to do is lay down and close your eyes...
Although you won't fall asleep during a Kratom experience, you'll enter a half asleep / half awake state enjoying the most vivid, soothing, exciting dream-like visions that come before your closed eyelids... just focus on remembering as much as you can when you open your eyes, as the memories fade out rather quickly. Kratom is definitely the most satisfactory entheogen to provoke vivid closed eyes imagery while being semi-awake; if you are interested in Lucid Dreaming, you must experience this too, go here to check out all the varieties and prices... I highly recommend the Super Indo Kratom for this, as it is the most potent.

UPDATE: Maeng Da Kratom!! ! This one was introduced to the Americas fairly recently... it is a genetically altered kind of Kratom that woah, blew my mind away the first time I tried it. I think it is the most expensive one, but it is worth every extra penny, it is amazing.

So far, I'd say that these dear plants have helped me turn into an avid dreamer... This comes from a person that couldn't remember any of his dreams 90% of the times and now is experiencing dreams with an awareness and clarity never even imagined!

Learning how to lucid dream is very possible for most of us, as soon as we are willing to be in a state of "peaceful awareness" in our waking and sleeping life, lucid dreams are bound to happen.


food for thought
12-07-2011, 01:30 AM
cant share any of my recent dreams since most of what i seem to be able to remember have been pretty personal.

Since around the summer time, ive have been having alot more dreams (or remembering them) than usual. I have went lucid a few times.

My biggest problem is trouble remembering dreams. I use cannabis as a sleep aid and it makes it nearly impossibe to remember my dreams after a while when i wake up.

If i smoke too much, i only remember bits and pieces of certain dreams.

I guess i met these fools on an obscure planett because whatever i was obtaining was secret, and regulatedd by some extra terrestrial enforcement agency. He used a CROWBAR to open this HIGH TECH HALO CRATE and i thought it was hilarious..

lmao @ you thought that was hilarious LOL

^this reminds me of my salvia breakhthroughs

Mumm Ra
12-07-2011, 09:59 PM
"Lucid in the sky with diamonds"
oh snap!
i smell the next beat tape name for me...

Uncle Steezo
12-14-2011, 02:27 AM
okay had this dream yesterday:
i been playing MW3... A LOT lately. so this dream was sparked by that.

i dreamed i was playing mw3 but was IN the game not in the sense of it being real but really being in the actual digital world. it was like i was being guided through the game, specifically the african village map, by a voice. this voice gave me all types of tips and hints, "why are you using flashbangs? use concussion grenades for a more powrful effect." ... "see that spot up there? thats a good place to set up a sniper camp" stuff like that was told to me. wasn't a lot of combat going on. it was almost like the map was empty and i was just roaming around it.

i was processing all the things i was learning about the game. i was literally piecing together the map in my mind and coming up with solutions on how to play better.

then i remember watching this show a few years ago...

12-14-2011, 10:08 PM
been having alotta dreams about space and being on anither planet lately... Very weird shit

food for thought
12-14-2011, 10:50 PM
poison, do you keep a dream journal?

12-15-2011, 10:34 AM
I never renember my dreams...the last one i cleary remember was after my lil cuz died...he came in my jail cell and pointed at a playstation joystick in my hand and waved his finger like..nono put that shit down...then he pulled a yogurt bucket from behind his back and it had casino chips in it and he was doing that shit where u pick up a stack of em and drop them over and over and smiling and nodding like yea nigga...fuck the video games go to the casino. I told his brother about it so we went to the casino and he had money i wad broke...but he hit 3 ties in a row in baccarat and won i'd say 95% of his bj hands....8 stacks in 2 hours...and that nigga didnt give me a fuckin chip yo to ride the wave with him...he kept playing...and then he lost it all... very fast...

12-15-2011, 10:36 AM
^^the dream took place in jail but i was on parole not inside...and the casino wasent a dream...that wad real.

Uncle Steezo
12-15-2011, 04:02 PM

last night i dreamed about my ex-gf, the young chick. i been talking to her recently cause her mom died a couple weeks ago, RIP. anyway, here is the dream.

we decide to go hang out together, against her better judgement cause IRL, she said that she can't be around me and not be with me type shit.

we go to a weird mall/walmart/flea market type place but there were no stores, there were places to have sex and each place was a different theme. basically it was like the worlds largest swingers spot.

so we walk around for a while and then decide to split up, we were kinda feeling awkward cause we weren't a couple and people were assuming we were. so i walk around and i got my dick sucked by a few random chicks basically just stickin it in their mouths for a minute then walking away. i wasn't really feelin this place.

so i explore some more and find a tattoo shop. i figure i can kill some time while i wait for ol girl to finished getting fucked or whatever she was doing. i got my arm completely finished and it looked dope. basically it was how i envision my arm to be when i started tatting it up.

then feeling pretty good at this point admiring my arm i end up at this video game place and they had a game that was a mix between the two games i'm really playing right now, MW3 and marvel vs capcom. basically its MW but the soldiers were comic book and video game chars. shit was dope as fuck! i played that for what seemed like hrs.

then i grabbed some authentic mexican tacos from the food court (this one served beer). ate that shit and hopped in my car and started driving home( i think i was going home. the city seemed like detroit) then about 2 hrs later i realize i forgot all about this chick and that i left her. LOL

so i rush back to the place and i find her still walking around. she tells me she has been looking for me for hrs and she wasn't feeling this place at all. she was assuming i was having a good time until i showed her my arm and we both laughed about how even tho we not trying to be together we dont want nobody else.

the dream fades out from there but i assume we went home and fucked. LOL

Fatal Guillotine
12-16-2011, 09:51 AM
I remember having some dreams some have stayed with me others I dont remember that well. In one of my dreams im sitting in a chair or stool and im in this room and its dark as hell however there's this dim light over my head so i can only make out silhouettes. in the dream i said "Yo, Why Am I Here?" about an hour goes by Im fatigue and in walks the silhouette of someone i cant barely see (couldn't make out the face). and he starts mumbling. "WHAT IN THE FUCK YOU TRYING TO TELL ME?" i asked. Suddenly, this person says in this booming ass voice states "What Im trying to tell you lies with you and that question"

^the above dream i had a couple of years ago and since then I've only been able to say that this dream remind me of a sutra in Buddhism

Uncle Steezo
12-18-2011, 11:39 PM
okay just woke up from a night nap...
i was at a corporate party and was drinking heavily. we were all paking the drinks and food and stuff into the cars in the parking lot. it was in manhattan, a fucking small plane crashes right in the street. people panic and flood back into the skysraper lobby.

i get seperated from my company and was sitting in the lobby next to a bunch of people prticularly a teenage white girl, or she seemed like a teen cause her lil bro mom and dad were sitting close by. we strike up a convo (i forget about what) but she was all on my jock. out of nowhere we kiss i think by accident and i try to pull back she fucking jumps on me and says " i want you so bad" and we make out heavy right there. i distinctly hear "oh..my..god!" from mom. LOL she basically is tring to fuck me.

all of a suddedn she is naked. and i look up and there are a bunch of naked white chicks, like the kind jasper posts. maybe i didn't notioce she was naked the whole time. she was there for some nude modelling. lol

after the makeout the police start ushering people out of the lobby. right when i get to the door remind you that i'm still drunk, the fucking huge overhead outdoor sculpture/structure collapses and kills a shitload of people. maybe it was scaffolding.
i bolt through a serie of contstruction areas and make it to a parkinglot where i find a car. i try to make it back to a cook out where the rest of the office folk were headed before the chaos. i end up getting lost and somehow find myself literally riding on a dirt road in a corn field.

the fustration woke me up. LOL
i wa typing fast cause i didn't want to forget. it literally JUST happened.

Uncle Steezo
12-19-2011, 01:10 AM
wow i always wanted a dream journal but never took the time to make one. but its like you have a fleeting moment to remember the dream and then its gone. but now that i look back and read this post, all the details are locked in. and actually are unlocking more details.
like i got in like 3 fender benders trying to get to the cook out cause i was in a minivan and the handling sucked and i was GTA driving thru the streets. IDK why lol, also the chick had her parents under her control on some spoiled brat shit. i think she was trying to fuck me just to piss her parents off. lol
oh and inside the construction area...it was a skyscraper construction. i found out that construction workers have it made inside of a work zone, these mfs had nice couches mini fridges with beer and gatorade, and flatscreens everywhere, laid out in the dirt, dust and pylons n shit. i remember telling myself "man 1000 homelss people could live in here and if i ever need shelter i'm chillin in a construction area." hahahaha

the plane crash... the plane wasnt like a plane, it was a flying wing. slimmer than a stealth and wider wingspan.it was actually kinda big and it was escorted by 2 helicopters. it was red. it was flying low as hell. like 2 stories off the ground, going down the street at a very slow speed, about the speed of a helicopter . the dumb ass pilot decides to show off to the people on the street by tilting back and forth and on the 3d or forth tilt, he over did it and his wing clipped the concrete. the shit crumbled down the street destroying everything in its path. its wild cause i was close enough to see the debris as it flew off the tumbling wreck.

amazing that my brain was able to not only come up with that much detail in something like a plane crash and then apply the correct physics to them. DOPE

12-19-2011, 02:56 AM
I had a dream where I busted in this bitches clam from my work and then she started shooting out this profuse offensive white sludge out of her pusshole.

I, for some reason, knew she just gave me syphilis
i screamed as if someone kicked my ball sac with a razorblade over and over
i legitimately thought this dream was real and my life was over

so, in the dream, i felt like a bitch cause i hadn't killed her, then i woke up with a raging boner.

12-19-2011, 02:57 AM
I had this dream where there was this chick i liked and i was about to go in a pussy raw dog

only here's the catch, her vagina's interior was completely carpeted in dog hair and it smelt like wet dog. I screamed as if someone kicked by dicksac with a razor blade over and over then a woke up with a raging boner

12-19-2011, 02:58 AM
I had a dream where puff daddy wanted to suck my dick LOL! i was like dude wtf that's gay, then i woke up with a raging boner

12-19-2011, 03:06 AM
i had a dream sunny winters was a nerdy mulatto kid with a bird chest. i woke up with a raging boner and stepped on the nearest humming bird.

Uncle Steezo
12-19-2011, 03:20 AM

Fatal Guillotine
03-22-2012, 06:32 PM
been having some weird ass dreams lately

food for thought
05-04-2012, 05:35 PM
I had a lucid dream this morning and stayed in the dream longer than Ive ever had before

that shit was pretty crazy

I remember trying to look out the window to see whats outside once i figured out i was dreaming. It was higher than usual so I had to tip my toes to reach it and shit and when i was finally able to look out, there was a board or some thing blocking the view outside the window lol. I remember I busted out laughing at that lol

but yea

hopefully I can start doing it more frequently now

I was pumped as fuck in my dream when I realized I was lucid dreaming lmao