View Full Version : Foreigners and Integration

12-16-2011, 07:48 AM
Just how possible is it to fully integrate into a new society? Could a foreigner ever receive the same chances that he got back home? I have a friend who is 17 that moved away to a new country about a year ago. Mostly it was because he was running out of chances in his home country and he wanted to start a new life somewhere else. He was willing to learn the new language at all costs, even if the other foreigners surrounding him were stupid as fuck. That meant a lot of self study and after a year he made a transition to a normal school so he wouldn't have to waste any more years sitting with refugees. He had scored high enough on the exam to prove he had some mastery in that language. But when he was at the normal school he found himself continuing to struggle with the new language. When he would sit down to do a test he would sometimes struggle to explain things in that language. He was rather isolated at school and no one was willing to become his friend. He contemplates if moving was a mistake and if he should go back home... knowing that his life wasn't that much better there compared to now. What would you do in his shoes? Do immigrants ever have a chance of fully integrating into a new society? Speak on it.