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10-28-2005, 02:19 PM
everyone b4 this powerhouse concert said jay-z was gonna air rappers out and that one might be 50. for the last year or two, i have seen 50 and Jay headlining shit and always running together. so i wanna know why 50 was considered. some ppl said he was talkin a lil greasy about jay. with 50's ego going skyhigh, im curious what he said now. just wanna say that i hate 50 and don't really care much for jay. im only asking this question for some clarity. peace.

Frank Drebin
10-28-2005, 06:34 PM
Jay-z heard from the Game that 50cent has a baby cock. I think it was something like this "aiyo jay this is the Game, I just ringing to tell you I was having a 69er with 50cents last night and he have a baby dick" Then jay-z started telling everyone when he did a pinky swear saying that he wouldnt.


10-28-2005, 06:51 PM
50's first album he attacked a lot of people, including Jay-Z, 50 met Jay at Summer Jam, Jay Said "i didnt like that album,.......i loved that album, but u know, i have to get you"

Jay walked on stage and siad "I'm about a doller, who the fuck is 50 Cent"

50 cent said about that "im suprise 80,000 people knew who i was" cause they cheered when Jay said that, then 50 Cent said "i should send them a bottle of champien for that..haha"

(dunno how to spell champien :P)

10-28-2005, 06:52 PM
sorry i thought u were tlakin about somthing else....but cool to know none the less :)