View Full Version : NBC yanks ‘Fear Factor’ donkey semen challenge

02-08-2012, 02:04 AM
Update: Turns out the contestants drank all that donkey semen for nothing. Late Sunday night, NBC issued an updated primetime schedule, which swapped Monday's new Fear Factor episode for a repeat. The instalment, called "Snake Bite," spotlights contestants being put into a Plexiglass tub and covered with snakes.

Late last week, TMZ reported host Joe Rogan would be offering glasses of fresh donkey semen and urine to competitors who had to drink them to move on in the competition.

For those who don’t watch the show, physical and gross-out challenges must be completed in record time in order to qualify for a shot at $50,000.
The gossip site reported the semen stunt was deemed so controversial (not to mention disgusting) that NBC brass were considering pulling it from the broadcast, but ended up giving it the green light. At least, until Sunday night.

Fear Factor has a history of creating bile-churning eating challenges. Past ones include eating a pizza made from cow bile, coagulated blood paste and worms; peeling the skin from and eating bull testicles; bobbing for chicken feet in a tank full of rats; and ingesting cave-dwelling spiders.

Fear Factor returned to NBC last December after a five-year hiatus, scoring almost nine million viewers on its first night. Since then, it has averaged between five and six million viewers per week.




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whoight people smh

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that video was funny as fuck^

netscape check two
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that's dumb that it was pulled. real broads are used to swallowing the semen anyway, should have been a walk in the park.