View Full Version : Ricta (Debut LP Out In May) Reks, Craig G, Dizzy Dustin, The Returners

02-17-2012, 07:48 AM
Thought this might be of interest to a few heads on here...

Ricta is currently working on his first full-length LP 'Snacks & Deception' which is due for release in 2012 ! Confirmed features so far include Poland's finest producers 'THE RETURNERS', Germany's 'JUSOUL' + the legendary Juice Crew's very own 'CRAIG G', bay area veteran... Ugly Duckling's 'DIZZY DUSTIN', one of ShowOff Records best 'REKS' & of course holding the UK flag 'IDYLLIC' & 'GENESIS ELIJAH'. More details to come soon.

Taken from 10 Mile Stereo Blog - http://10milestereo.com/post/17385026616/ricta-snacks-deception-ricta-is-a-hip-hop

Teaser Video - http://youtu.be/JUa8FW-Cf_Q