View Full Version : Any fans of "Millennium" (the Frank Black series)?

03-07-2012, 11:17 AM

i love a good series almost more than a flick these days, especially since you often come across quite cheap DVD boxes with real good ones nowadays. i've been an "X-Files" fan since i was a kid, but never gave Chris Carter's other seris "MillenniuM" any real chance. recently, however, I decided to give it a shot and bought a half-priced Season 1 box and after finishing that also picking up Season 2. i just finished watching the third and last season, unfortunately it didn't get a chance to wrap up properly since it didn't get renewed for Season 4 which would have led into the turn to the new Millenium in the year 2000. fucking bugs me!!

just checking if we got any fans of this great series here? and if so, what's your favorite season.. i gotta say, that i have never before seen another series with such huge differences between seasons. The first has alot of horror elements, is very grim and backs off almost completely from the paranormal. my favorite is the second season though. and of course, Lance Henriksen as Frank Black is fucking incredible and makes the entire series.

03-07-2012, 12:26 PM
I remember watching during it's heyday and I liked. Bieng a fan of both X-Files and lance it was a no brainer. Sadly, it seemed like so long ago I really don't remember any season.