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10-31-2005, 04:55 AM
Make ya head nod this be da left hand of god, I flood ya like da gutter I’m butter wut up, ya didn’t know?… Da blood in my cup over flows, da over flowa keep it flowing like da arc of Noah & wit 2 of everything I double up da ruckus & bring it 2 yal idiotic mother fuckers… My team yal can’t touch us… Nonmathematical cats couldn’t solve an equation, didn’t peep da change up it’s amazing… I’m blazing, breaking backs fuck rap, spinal tap these kids, off wit their caps.. I could hear’em saying who’s this Sinista cat… I got you covered don’t reach 4 da gat.. put holes in ya back… Sin don’t know how 2 act… I bomb first & wait 4 yal 2 react… you wanna battle, attack!… This be battlefield rap, fall back or fall for da trap… I bust automatic love da static, fuck being diplomatic wit pussy political post & dick riding votes… I be da most, Potent like numero Uno.. So call Genius wut da fuck do you know, you stay on da net like you juno yet you still net zero… go ahead play hero you’ll get eaten up & burnt like nero, plus you mad butt like jlo can’t fuck wit da flo… It’s da Crazy-O I be like What Radio? & bring it to you live no jive.. You wont survive… sucka you blind walking wit your eyez wide shut ya sleeping… what you thinking.. I’ll awake you wit a sleeper hold.. ayo folks watch’em fold.. go back 2 sleep I creep on a Grim Reepers blast heaterz.. Bitch ass nigga I see ya.. ha! Genius Allah, you anit Gza.. I’ll stab you in da throat wit scissors & watch you choke on ya blood.. no love put pressure on ya lungs & tell you 2 just breath with a 1,2… 3,4, I bring it on like this nam.. I spit bombs on tek 2 don’t flex dude my met-a-4s are rude.. My tongues cold I spit icicles.. You just pussy I tickle.. got him mad open & wet peep da trickle.. fagget nigga choking on pickles.. I belittle this Teknickle nigga, please.. I will shoot you wit ya own nickel Tek, wit ease.. Put holes through ya, Swiss cheese.. you anit funkin wit these like a swarm of killa beez.. this be shaolin, running out da housing wildin & like little Luther ya week I beat da shit out da meek it anit nothing 4 me 2 put da heat ya cheek & let it pop like pimple permanent dimples it’s just that simple.. atomic missiles whistle & hit you.. ya brain be riddled like what did I do, nothing.. you just cant fuck wit da venom I spew or even that of my crew, watch me brew witches stew & put hex on you… happy Halloween, nigga hiding he’s not seen like eric.. Just another derelict protect ya neck I gave ya da clover & named you lucky now I stomp on ugly little leppercons Faget nigga getting it on at da end of da rainbow with your gay post.. da game close.. got nervous & played host like look what he did.. please kid little bitch move I thought you where cool now I gotta take you to school see sinista rule you played da game like a fool go ahead grab ya tool & lets iron mic dule I spit something retarded like them kids who drule when shit gets started I’m cold hearted but I bring da heat of lava pits & stinky arm pits catch reck on kids they cant live fuckin with Sin

10-31-2005, 05:38 AM
Something called bar structure.

10-31-2005, 05:44 AM
Nonmathematical cats couldn’t solve an equation

10-31-2005, 06:48 AM
Ur like pheens scratchin away at lotto tickets, waitin for applause but only heard the crickets, nope, not here, ur not a winner, better run to taco bell to grab urself dinner,just don't jump over the 99 cents, spend more than ya got and get quickly dispensed like liquid soap, I grip mics the way a pit grab throats, let the blood pour, sadistic so I lick it, quadraplegic cause I know you can't kick it, pussy raps, all I did was sniff it, Are u a dj? hey stick to scratchin, fired up like plutonium, its a deadly chain reaction, murderous factions send u off-roadin like tires w/ bad traction,bloody rags leavin battlin w/ your belt buckles and air bags, popped in the face then watch it deflate like egos, u can call in your amigos, still aint dropped shit, maybe you need ex-lax AND bean burri-tos, stream of conscience flows inflict mind control that gots blood leakin out my nose, I give birth to firestarters to warm the cold-hearted,into the pits of hell with the earth's dearly departed, no one here really be free from sin, but I got mad faith so I be damned if it ever do me in.

haven't really been up to postin any battle verses lately but I found ur shit ^ entertaining, so fuck it, I didn't want the effort to go to waste. peace

10-31-2005, 03:37 PM

ea diache!!!

11-01-2005, 11:42 AM
I spit it effortless treacherous like them three.. you need more than that 2 see me.. I gets my cream so fuck a dollar & a dream, but I do got an itchy finger 4 ya girls pussy like I do 4 da trigger.. don’t care for an audience but I love it when a nigga claps back most mutha fuckas scared 2 react.. it must be my cannibal act 2 eat emcees & drink da blood they bleed 4 protein like I did unseen.. fuck da bean burritos & laxatives.. just ask da kids.. who shits on snakes, watch’em slither away no match 4 da lizard, no way.. Komodo dragon.. braggin when I’m rappin.. pants be saggin no need 2 pick up da slack, stand firm in place when that thing starts clickin & clakin blastin da mac that pun was packing in back of da Ac.. spittin like I’m possessed by his his soul comin back like da crow 2 show you how boricuas roll.. toe 2 toe.. blow 4 blow.. fast or slow depending weather chocolate or dro.. get in ya dome 2 rape ya soul, sin make ya question ya faith.. play da game 4 high stakes never hittin da brakes catch me in da fast lane when I change up.. lucky’s luck is up back against da wall da heat press up on ya cheak bone.. see I battle like ancient gladiators do back in Rome.. thumbs down but I wont finish you now with my sinista sound we can go another round so I could really beat you 2 da ground.. ya bound 4 a pool of blood.. no love you gets crushed.. ambulance rush acting like you cant get touched

11-01-2005, 02:32 PM
Leave you w/ empty fist tryin to clutch a ghost, now bite down on this 'Apple if 'Fi-ona, it's time for this piggie to roast, champagne toast from the 3rd coast, watch this little kiddy hold his teddy-bear close, Komodo dragon be faggin, asshole hangin out when those pants are saggin, braggin about ur gladiator suits, I'll glady skull fuck you with the bottom of my boot, splatter the gray matter all across the concrete streets that'll disapate that data w/ this Texas heat, deletin your whole persona like an alcoholic takin out six-packs of corona, got a shovel to bury you in the deserts of Arizona, leave your essence w/ coyotes tryin to chase down roadrunners, in the pressence of peyote I'm trippin on topgunners, who claim to clap gats but only clap gums, you the reverse of murder like redrum, you only bring a killer to life, I sit back and laugh when I cut ur throat w/ this knife, leavin you like siamese twins, wise to think twice*, still dead ya two heads, attack like feds when the truth spreads, furious lashin for thinkin ya versed couldn't be fazed, hand out disappoints lie when I threw ur didldo in the microwave, Potent told me she like when ya keep that pussy shaved,flips to dominatrix whenever u misbehave, sorry, know u wanted to carry that to the grave, but unrepentent sinners just can't be saved.

*added in edit after this point

11-01-2005, 04:04 PM
Sick shyt Sin, shyt was str8 fire. Eric, nice verses as well. Sin, Your first verse was off tha chain boss.

Masta Genius
11-01-2005, 06:34 PM
Mathematicians cant figure out ya problems
simple 2+2 shit in one step solved em
You couldnt structure a verse even if u had a tutor, fag
$inistas thoughts are so backed up he needs a roto-rooter, fag
Your spilling down the paper like pen ink
Need to get ya head in sync, Tek would beat you wit ya own style in 1 blink
Bitch!, couldn't touch this, best rhymes where bout pickles and ish
This is a 'roast' Comedy Central style and u the main dish
Faggot ma fucka lookin to get lynched with one pinch
$inista bitch be quick to murder his ass quick
Why the fuck u writin? by your verse u a netcee, loser
Aint tell by ya babbling bout useless shit u a substance abuser

oy ill edit this l8ter 1 ya'll SUUUUUUUUU

reppin the shaolin potent lol peace

11-01-2005, 10:45 PM
You got nuthin! Ya frontin.. why you cuss-sin all bent 2 out of shape with a brain da size of a grape.. I crush em.. stupid muther fucker this Bee Shoalin 10304 riiiiighht.. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu be da war cry.. potent be da soldier.. you die.. I don’t even have 2 pull da heat out da shoulder holster send potent 2 toast ya, roast ya.. quick fast like a testarossa & break ya jaw like she supposeta.. just another homer like Sammy Sosa on roids.. ya post gets void, nigga you a toy ..oh boy Far-From-a-Genius be sucking penis something fiendish.. face it you da fag who been had don’t get mad @ da truth you loose blood not only ooze but flyin out gashin.. gun blastin assassin.. I fashion gats filled with anguish brandish actions made unseen vanish cause he cant stand it how my language is so outlandish.. Like marriage I do & he just imagines.. I manage 2 damage his mind like white lines laced with arsenic nah I anit a murderer but my lab is filled wit body parts & shit.. mad scientist wit incisions slits 2 turn ya clit back in 2 a dick maybe you’ll stop being a littel cum filled bitch & get off that fagget shit.. you deletes nuthin.. My persona type is hype wit actions 2 put you in a coma, in desperate need of blood & organ donors.. I love da aroma of a unseen dead body.. fell victim 2 da shotty.. I fed him 2 my rottie.. I tried & tell hommie ya don’t know me & tried 2 play low key but o-key-doe-key why he tried 2 poke me while he was tripping off peyote hallucinating with a vibrator vibrating thinking he was stabbing me when its was his ass he was penetrating.. 4 da haters keep on hating I keep creating sooner than later they will be taking.. I thought I told yal backs I’m breaking.. clapping my gums cuase I could back it up by clapping mugs.. assassinate ya character is what this rappin does.. I’m redrum that’s a mte-a-4 for da blood that runs from my shaolin sword I cut ya mic cord unheard unseen you die wit a butterfly slice my Sword swings nice.. Jesus Christ so precise.. through heads & blocks of ice & just as nice wit da mic device.. flows are often extra suacey just face it you lost be & half-n-hours time is all it cost me

11-01-2005, 11:07 PM
^ahhh respect homie, nice verses. Haven't felt any real motivation to battle for a minute, thanks for amping things up.peace

11-01-2005, 11:41 PM
mah nucca sinista is absurd...... dude we can cipher for days

11-01-2005, 11:46 PM
yoyoyoyo whats really good though im saying.

Lol tri-state cats need to get up for the cypher.

11-02-2005, 02:41 PM
no dobut I like amping shit up, I like a cypher sounds nice doe my focus is more on recording

11-02-2005, 04:29 PM
We can do that too.

Masta Genius
11-02-2005, 10:51 PM
Yey!!!!! I wanna cipher dammit