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A sound protocol — 10 Cymatic clips — to fend off the effects of radiation. The full DVD and lecture-discussion is being presented in Osaka, May 18, 2011 to therapists and researchers in a seminar sponsored by Cosolargy International. . These Sonations may be applied with simple computer speakers and work best if one is also ingesting proper/small amounts of iodine and other natrual ingredients to strengthen the immune system.


The CELL REGENERATION-A (Nogier) Sonation is applied in Sonatherapy to stimulate cellular repair and regeneration. It is often employed in various protocols for a broad range of conditions.
The ratios of the five primary tones (pulsed at Nogier’s 2.28125 Hz) constitute a formula obtained during some 50 years of research by the late Sir Dr. Peter Guy Manners, the “Father of Cymatic Therapy.” These new rational frequencies are modifications of the basic formula which create an overall “harmonic” stereo resonance that aids an individual in self-healing.
The Cymatic formations derive as a result of the Sonation sounding in a small drop of water. By analyzing the forms we may obtain a better sense of the natural harmonics and how different versions of formulae relate to one another. Over time this new approach in scientific healing will become the norm, as it directly addresses the Wave Front Bioresonance of the body and its fields, e.g., physical, aetheric, morphogenic, et al.


Cymatic Formations in a Drop of Water. The 6-frequency Healing Sonation, “Aetheric Field,” is based upon ratios supplied by the late Sir Dr. Peter Guy Manners (“Father of Cymatic Therapy”) to Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan in private consultations at his home in Broadway, England, several months prior to Sir Peter’s passing.
Based upon over 50 years of research and therapeutic applications, this Sonation is known to vivify the so-called “Etheric Body” of the person. This dimensional envelope, filling space 1 to 2 inches from the surface of the skin, is the morphogenic resonance of the physical body, supplying energy and form to all organs and cells within.


Cymatic Formations in a Drop of Water of the Solfeggio Tones discovered by Joseph Puleo. Also included is the plainsong of the “Hymn to St. John the Baptizer” from which Guido D’Arezzo in the 10th Century derived the Solfeggio syllables — this along with a contrapuntal setting.
The video clips were created in the studios of The Music Guild by Dr. Buchanan and are standard frequencies used in sound healing (Cymatic Therapy) along with water, light, color, and subtle energies for healing in Sonatherapy at the Steamboat Healing Center in Reno, Nevada.

will post meditative binaural beats later,

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Uncle Steezo
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i got a huge pack of binaural beats for alpha beta gamma and theta brainwave states.
i'll link yall if you want them.

Soul Controller
05-20-2012, 02:11 PM
i got a huge pack of binaural beats for alpha beta gamma and theta brainwave states.
i'll link yall if you want them.

Be very much appreciated G

Thanks :D

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I've been using 'bwgen' (http://www.bwgen.com/) for quite a few years now. You get some mad fucked up dreams while tuning into some frequencies!

08-07-2013, 07:30 PM
I've been using 'bwgen' (http://www.bwgen.com/) for quite a few years now. You get some mad fucked up dreams while tuning into some frequencies!
Ha forgot about that. You must of got that from me way back

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This is interesting

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Thanks for those!