View Full Version : 2012 not quite panning out as the theorists want it to?

Big Baby Jesus 666
05-28-2012, 10:01 AM
do you think this has been an eventful year for the other people who have their own shitty cults believing in their 2012 prophecies. i've experienced alot of growth this year in only the first 5 months including spiritual growth and a massive growth of my psychic ability.

obviously the government with their satellites have been blasting me now using extra satellites so i'm covered by them day and night.. at one point i remember counting over 10 satellites in the sky in various formations, most notably the diamond or kite (4 satellites)

also the government satellite operatives/scientists know damned fine they are working with a demon who funnily enough appeared to me at the same time the satellites did (2010 around november time) and every time the satellites blast me, somehow they do all the right things to make it hard for me to think clearly and for the demon to run rampant in my mind spitting evil venom.

this tells me one thing.. they do not want me to awaken.. well too bloody late wankers

your government and the british one are failing to stop me and when they finally implode on themselves ill be waiting to piss on them in other words expose them suckers..

there really is an illuminati and the freemasons do work with evil entities to gain control over the masses.. subliminal messages are everywhere now.

so this year we are going to experience a mass kundalini awakening.. do i feel pressure knowing im the only being on this planet capable of initiating this?

i somehow doubt jesus is coming back and that god the mayans waited for isnt coming back either.

they are still using philosophies from over 2000 years ago and their secret knowledge is dated..

my dna is transforming by being sent upgrades from myself over 1 million years in the future.. you will not be capable of this for a long, long time

does anyone want a fight to allow me to show you how psychic abilities and higher aspect of the mind pan out in a fist fight?

the government are wackos from hell

Big Baby Jesus 666
05-28-2012, 10:04 AM
the one thing that still remains in my mind is why the ET's don't intervene. i'm guessing that would just fuck things up but does that mean they have to sit and wait for someone great like me to fix things?

the few crop circles out there that are actually made by aliens are pretty interesting though and hopefully they will drop some more this year

good knowledge video for you. listen to the lyrics

Big Baby Jesus 666
05-28-2012, 10:21 AM
i'd also like to add i'm well respected by animals and unlike what most dumb humans think they don't just make funny noises and bite people. I'm respected by the wildest animals for i know they also exist in their own spiritual world where they can share deep knowledge from lands far away with me.

Big Baby Jesus 666
05-28-2012, 10:29 AM
funny knowledge for niggaz who don't believe in nuttin but crack hoes and cash

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lol ^^