View Full Version : Got to be on some entourage shit for tech n9ne and MGK

06-02-2012, 12:57 AM
tech n9ne and machine gun kelly in madison ws.


all my friends and my brother are huge MGK fans, i'm only now getting to know his music because after highschool i stopped listening to rap music because it was abysmal and dumb, but it seems to have really picked it's self back up and is normal now. Fucking Paul Wall was in demand when i was in school. it would be "who's better, mike jones or paul wall" for weeks. wtf? so im glad the world woke up.

anyways long story short i got to crowd surfer, i was drunk and got on stage with my bro and did a comedic dance (video soon), i kncked a girl down with my dick while crowd surfing.

i stole 2 whores from 2 niggas cause we were cornfed nuhbraskans and everyone in the rust belt is a juggalo with hormone deficiency

no seriously, everyone in wisconsin (where it was at) look like a fucking downer


wtf was going on? we were easily the only people in town with male growth hormones and the bitches were straight CHOOOSING. though they were ugly, there was only 4 decent ones. im guessing its cause only ugly ppl listen to tech n9ne cause the decent/fine ones were more into MGK.

I got beat the fuck up by a pudgy juggalo bitch dude. I was in the crowd during Wild Boy (im steve o btw) and she was getting kicked out. i was shirtless and thrill by this point and bumped into her.

bitch turned around and slugged me 6 clean knots to the fucking dome piece i immediately turned around and yelled lift me up and the dutch pygmys in the crowd lifted me up and threw me on stage with MGK.

I was of course kicked out but was easily the crunkest nigger in there.
but yeah everywhere a nigga went the bitches were choosing. if you gaywads would eat more broccoli you'd pull hella bitches in Wisconsin, there's 0 competition.

i was wondering wtf was going on when i met a flock of bad bitches from michigan and they were all trying to fuck as if they had never seen dick ever. i was all wtf? but i've come to the conclusion after seeing ppl from that part of the country en masse that the men there have you press their taint like a button so there hideous baby dicks will pop out of their protective skin curtains.

man. what a gay place.

but yeah awesome show, did a lot of rock star ass shit. young white hoes kept trying to take pictures with me LOL (after the comedic dance)

but like....18 young....